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The Home Security Risks of Sharing Your Holiday on Social Media

Jul 11, 2019

If you’re off on your summer holidays soon, you’ll probably be looking forward to sharing your experiences with friends and family back home. It’s second nature for us these days to snap streams of sunny selfies and post them on our favourite social media platforms for all to see. But here’s a stark warning on a home security note: your holiday sagas, or more to the point, the fact that you are away and your property is empty, could well be reaching the wrong news feeds. (more…)

Smart Security: The Sophisticated Way to Safeguard Your Property

Nov 14, 2017

Last month we talked about how smart security has become the latest buzz phrase. We looked in detail at smart door locks, the latest keyless door entry technology that allows you to access your home or business premises without a physical key, instead using your smart phone, remote control key fob or secure pin code.

We also touched upon the fact that smart security is starting to take over generally, as our homes become ‘connected’ and controlled using the latest in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology.

If you’re keen to start adopting smart technologies then you’ll want to learn more about smart security. So in this post we’re taking a look at smart intruder alarms, and how they can be combined with other smart security features to form a highly sophisticated, multi-layered security system for your home or business premises. (more…)

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