Smart Security: The Sophisticated Way to Safeguard Your Property

Last month we talked about how smart security has become the latest buzz phrase.

Last month we talked about how smart security has become the latest buzz phrase. We looked in detail at smart door locks, the latest keyless door entry technology that allows you to access your home or business premises without a physical key, instead using your smart phone, remote control key fob or secure pin code.

We also touched upon the fact that smart security is starting to take over generally, as our homes become ‘connected’ and controlled using the latest in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology.

If you’re keen to start adopting smart technologies then you’ll want to learn more about smart security. So in this post we’re taking a look at smart intruder alarms, and how they can be combined with other smart security features to form a highly sophisticated, multi-layered security system for your home or business premises.

Smart Security Does Your Thinking for You

A property fitted with smart security will relieve you of all the thinking and remembering. It will automatically ensure that you and your home or business premises are safeguarded in any situation.

So instead of having to remember to switch on an alarm system when you’re off out, your smart security guard will detect that no one is home, and promptly set your alarm. And those are just the basics.

Smart Alarm Features

A smart alarm system is designed to work zone by zone. You have full control over which zones you want to segregate which could be downstairs, upstairs, loft, garden room, patio, etc. It means you can activate only the zone you want to secure; so for example whilst you’re working out or drawing in the garden room, you can activate your alarm across all the rooms of the main house; or when you’re off to bed or vacuuming the landing, simply tell the system to keep guard downstairs and outside so that you are free to move about upstairs.

There’s also the option to set up audible or notification based alerts if a door or window has been left open after a certain time, for example after sundown. So if you’ve inadvertently left the garage door open, you’ll be informed about it.

Smart alarms are able to incorporate a panic button, which when pushed can trigger anything from flashing lights to the opening of curtains through to a phone call being made to a number you specify.

Once your smart system detects you’ve left the property, it will arm the alarm after a certain period, or you can check it or arm it yourself remotely via your smartphone, making the days of trying to remember whether you’ve set the alarm a thing of the past.

When you’re out or away, you are able to keep tabs on your home from anywhere via a live feed from your integrated CCTV camera that sends pictures to your smartphone. From there you can activate your alarm or summon assistance remotely.

One other highly beneficial feature of the smart system is presence simulation. If you are away on holiday, you can enjoy total peace of mind that your home will appear to outsiders as if you were there. Smart home security systems simulate presence by switching lights and music on and off and opening and closing curtains or blinds at set times, all of which you can control remotely.

False alarms are prevented by smart systems which are designed with second motion sensors that are required to detect movement within a set period of time following the first so that the alarm can be triggered.

With a smart alarm system, all your motion sensors, CCTV cameras, window and door contacts, lighting and curtain or blind control are all combined into a fully integrated  system which work either on a monitoring or signalling basis.

Ready to Join the Smart Security Revolution?

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