Antique Locks & Keys

Do you have doors or cabinets with antique locks? They can be a welcome aesthetic feature but of course the older the lock, the more difficult it can be to repair or replace.

At a glance

  • Hand Made Antique Keys
  • Antique Locks Reproduction
  • Antique Locks Restoration
  • Lock Repairs & Maintenance
  • Security Key Integration

Antique Locks & Keys in London

Thanks to Barry Bros Security however, it’s a simple task. Whether you need a lock rebuilt or an antique key hand-made to suit, we can help. If it’s enhanced security you require, our skilled locksmiths can integrate high security locking cylinders into existing antique door locks to enable the use of a high security key system.

Repairs & Replacements for Antique Locks & Keys

Is your property a listed building? Do you need to maintain its look and feel by conserving its antique locks? Do you simply like the look of your longstanding antique locks and want to keep them maintained rather than replace them with a modern, less aesthetically pleasing alternative? Have your antique locks suffered damage with extended use over time? Need replacement keys for an old lock?

Barry Bros Security can craft handmade keys to suit antique locks where old keys have gone missing or have been damaged. For listed properties or where you simply wish to keep a traditional look, we also offer rebuilding and restoration services as well as bespoke reproduction of antique locks that are beyond repair.

Meeting Quality & Security Standards

Established in 1945, Barry Bros Security is Master Locksmith Association (MLA), Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI) and BS EN ISO9001 accredited with works meeting both European and British standards.

How can we help YOU?

Barry Bros Security antique locks and keys service is available six days a week, Monday to Saturday. We also offer a 24 hour locksmith emergency service. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs whether private or commercial.