6 Ways a Security System Can Save You Money

A security system will protect your property and the valuables within it, but did you know there were numerous ways in which you could actually save money by installing security devices.

Money saving security

A security system will protect your property and the valuables within it, but did you know there were numerous ways in which you could actually save money by installing security devices. From insurance savings to health and safety monitoring, there is a lot to be said for money saving security solutions for home and business.

These days, everyone is looking for ways to save money. You may think of a home or business security system primarily as a way to prevent theft or vandalism, therefore saving you money in that respect. But there are various other ways in which you can make savings through the installation of certain security solutions.

1. Insurance discounts

Certain security installations can potentially net you savings on your buildings and contents insurance premiums.

An alarm or CCTV system, for example, will bring an added layer of protection to your property, making it less of an insurance risk, and providers will often reward you for having such a system in place with a discount on your premium. An insurance graded safe will often prompt the same result, as will insurance approved locks.

For selected policies, levels of cover and particular locations, you may find that you won’t actually be covered unless you have certain measures in place.

Always check with your insurer as to any specific requirements they may have regarding security devices, and ask for details of any savings you could make based on your existing or planned security measures.

2. Guard against claims

Health and safety compliance and keeping up with current legislation can be a major drain on resources for any business. Making sure the systems you have in place to protect everyone are being adhered to can be challenging, and can take people away from their important roles elsewhere. What’s more, a breach of regulatory compliance can lead to costly fines and reputation damaging action.

CCTV is a money saving security solution that can help in this respect, using remote monitoring to check compliance with health and safety measures. It will also provide evidence in the event of an accident claim, and could protect you in the case of a fraudulent one being made, which could potentially cost you thousands, or more.

3. Save on security personnel

In commercial environments, employing security personnel can be a considerable outlay. What’s more, compared to CCTV surveillance and access control systems, security guards won’t have the ability to cover such a wide area.

Whilst a CCTV camera system can capture all areas of a property with a single operator monitoring several locations at once, a guard will only ever be able to keep track of what’s happening in one area, otherwise it would be necessary to employ multiple guards.

Smart CCTV with built-in artificial intelligence will add the extra benefit of being able to automatically detect negative behaviours and anything out of the ordinary that is building. This presents a considerable cost saving in terms of replacing multiple personnel on the ground, and is a money saving security solution that’s safer too.

4. Enhance efficiency

An access control system will automate the security procedures for entry to a building, saving the need for reception personnel to manually check entry credentials and issue security passes and allowing them to use their time more productively.

When combined with CCTV, access control delivers added benefits, from identifying unauthorised entrants and tailgaters that could potentially cause costly disruption, to proactively monitoring for securing breaches. All of this reduces the need for expensive 24/7 security personnel.

5. Save energy

A smart security system allows you to control the likes of lighting from your smartphone, allowing you to switch off remotely in the event of forgetting to do so before you set out.

You can also sync lights with sensors so they automatically switch off when no one is in the room, or set them to come on after dark to give the impression someone is home, rather than leave them on all day ready for the evening.

Outdoor security lighting that works on a sensor basis rather than being left on from dusk till dawn will also result in considerable energy savings.

6. Deter staff sabotage

It can come as quite a surprise to any employer to find out that an employee they trusted turned out to be stealing from them, or had purposely attempted to damage or destroy their business.

From direct theft to funnelling off confidential data to use in a new position or sell to a competitor, to instigating a ransomware cyber-attack, there is a lot for employers to be on their guard about when it comes to staff sabotage.

CCTV monitoring acts as a deterrent, or can produce vital evidence in the event of a prosecution. Access control will prevent certain personnel accessing particularly sensitive areas of a building, as well as providing an audit trail so you can see who has been where and when. And safes and time locks will act to remove temptation.

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