Master Locksmiths Association (MLA)

Barry Bros Security Master Locksmith Association Registration Number: No 0005

The Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) is the leading trade body for the locksmith industry. A not-for-profit organisation, it has around 1400 members, and was established in 1958. The MLA champions skill and ethics within the locksmith industry, and is the authority body for locksmith expertise for the police, the Home Office, the RISC Authority, the Building Research establishment, the British Standards Institute and the Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch networks.


Stringent vetting, for complete reassurance

Under the MLA licensing programme, members are required to undergo regular inspections and stringent vetting to ensure the exacting standards of the association are met. Members must also pass the independently assessed MLA exam.

When you use an MLA member for locksmith services such as lock installations and lock repairs and replacements, you are receiving a guarantee of reassurance that the company has been able to consistently prove its ability to deliver the highest levels of expertise, knowledge and service standards.

The Master Locksmiths Association itself says, ‘standards of entry into the MLA are high’. As an organisation, the MLA is resolute about making sure that the public, the government and industry all receive the correct service and advice on security matters.

Legal and insurance compliance, guaranteed

Are you looking to hire a locksmith that you know has been vetted, including criminal record checks? All MLA locksmiths undergo strict scrutinising, and the only way any locksmith can acquire a criminal records DBS check is by being a member of the MLA. This level of reassurance is very important when dealing with something as important as the locks to your property.

Do you want complete peace of mind that your locksmith conforms to legal requirements and is up to standard in terms of workmanship and customer care? All MLA members are inspected regularly to ensure they are maintaining the required levels of workmanship, and that the administration side of their business is up to standard too. What’s more, members are expected to meet legal and regulatory requirements, and there are customer charters in place to ensure customer satisfaction.

Are you concerned about voiding your home insurance cover by having a lock incorrectly installed? MLA approved locksmiths can provide expert advice on locking applications and other security solutions, and how they impact upon insurance requirements, both in domestic and commercial circumstances.


Vast knowledge, for fully comprehensive advice

Is it important to you that your locksmith has up to date training and good knowledge of the latest locking technologies? MLA Approved Company members are made aware that ongoing training for locksmiths is a vital way to maintain standards.

Do you want to ensure you are hiring a locksmith who can provide you with unbiased, fully comprehensive advice on the best choice of locks for your needs? Who has in-depth knowledge and is able to repair and install a wide variety of leading lock brands? MLA locksmiths are required to pass the MLA exam. This consists of three practical modules and one written exam. Members can only become a Qualified Master Locksmith on passing the exam, and an MLA Approved Company must have at least one Qualified Master Locksmith.

Trusted locksmiths, for more than seven decades

Barry Bros Security is a Master Locksmiths Approved Company and Qualified Master Locksmith. We are as dedicated to maintaining exceptional standards in the locksmith industry as the MLA itself, and have been providing locksmith services for over seven decades.

From 24/7 emergency locksmith services, including lock opening and repairs, safe opening, lock replacements, burglary damage and emergency board-ups, to custom lock installations and a host of key cutting and replacement services, including antique lock and key reproduction, when you choose MLA approved Barry Bros Security, you can rest assured you are in the most capable hands.

Looking for a Master Locksmiths Association approved locksmith?

At Barry Bros Security, we offer a comprehensive range of MLA approved locksmith services for residential and commercial property owners. If you are looking for a tailored locking solution, and expert advice you can trust, please get in touch today.