Top 5 Reasons to Replace Your Business Locks

The locks that secure your business premises have a considerably important job to do.

The locks that secure your business premises have a considerably important job to do. They need to protect valuable equipment. They need to safeguard data. And importantly, they need to defend the reputation of your business too. So the question you need to ask yourself is, are my locks secure? You may feel confident that they are, but have you thought that they may have been compromised in some way? Any security company London wide will tell you that there is in fact an array of circumstances in which you should call in a qualified locksmith to change your locks. Let’s take a look at what these are.

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1.   Keys have been lost or stolen

If any of your key holders have lost their keys, or keys have been stolen, it’s vital that your business locks are replaced without delay. You can never be sure where those lost or stolen keys are, or whose hands they may have fallen into. So, for complete peace of mind, call in a Master Locksmith accredited locksmith and get those locks replaced. It’s a relatively quick and straightforward process that is far more cost effective than dealing with burglary damage repairs and insurance claims.

2.   A member of staff has left

If a key holding member of staff has left the company, even if it was on positive terms, it is wise to change your business locks. They may have returned their keys, but in all honesty, could you be 100 per cent certain that they didn’t have a copy made? What you can never be sure of is worth taking action over. It is especially important to change your locks if a departing employee was a disgruntled one, because they may well have sabotage on their minds. Remember the value of customer data, and the potential damage it could do your business if it fell into the wrong hands.

3.   You just moved in

Just moved in to your business premises? Can you be sure the previous owner or tenant handed over all the keys? That all the key holders from the previous tenant surrendered their full sets? Again, a lack of certainty really should prompt you to do the sensible thing and change those locks. Moving in to new business premises also throws up the question of the quality and security of the locks, as well as the standard of fitting. It is worth at least getting them looked at by a security company  London businesses trust allowing them to benefit from peace of mind, knowing that the locks are of sufficient quality to protect the premises and that they are in full working order.

4.   There’s been an attempted break-in

If your locks have been even partly compromised during an attempted break-in, they could be damaged to the point they will not be functioning properly. You may need a replacement lock, or a lock repair. London locksmiths with the right qualifications and accreditations, i.e. Master Locksmith, can be trusted to survey the lock and advise on the most appropriate course of action, whether that’s burglary damage repairs or a new lock.

5.   The lock isn’t working properly

Detect any sort of problem with your business locks and this is a good reason to consider having them replaced, or at very least think about a lock repair. London properties do tend to vary in age and condition and it may be the case that your lock is long overdue for an upgrade. Only a qualified locksmith will be able to confirm for sure, but there are signs you can look out for that should prompt you to seek advice. These include jammed or stiff locks; drooping or loose multipoint lock handles; signs of wear or damage to locking points and difficulty turning keys. A lock that is not working properly will not be adequately protecting your property.

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