Electronic Locking Systems

An effective, custom designed comprehensive security system is vital to protect your valuable equipment, stock, and property – and the people in it. As part of an access control system, electronic locks provide an added layer of security by giving you full control over who enters your premises or accesses certain parts of it.

At a Glance

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  • Stand Alone Digital Entry Locks
  • Interlock Systems
  • Emergency Release Locks
  • Remote Control Locks
  • Remote GPRS Locks
  • Solenoid & Motor Locks
  • System Maintenance & Repairs

Electronic Locking Systems for Your Home or Property

Electronic locking systems from Barry Bros Security can be integrated into your CCTV, intruder alarm and fire alarm systems to ensure you have an extra safety net. They are available in many varieties and allow for instant removal of access when a security breach is detected and offer other unique features that are unavailable with a standard lock and key.

As one of London’s longest serving security companies, Barry Bros Security is a company you can trust to ensure any security system supplied is one that will meet your specific requirements and deal with your particular security risks.

Electronic Locking Systems for Every Situation

Are you looking to protect vulnerable entry or exit points? To provide access solutions for those unable to use standard keys? Do you need to protect emergency exits or vulnerable common entry doors served by audio or video access systems? Do you have cash stored over night that you wish to protect? Want to restrict entry at certain times or on certain dates? Do you need to control staff access to sensitive areas and storerooms? Barry Bros Security provides electronic locking systems to suit all circumstances.

We offer a choice of stand-alone digital entry locks (both card and biometric), interlock systems, emergency release locks, solenoid & motor locks, press to exit devices and locking boxes for external fireman switches.

Our electronic locking systems ensure optimal protection of assets and people. Our systems also include the option to adjust user access where necessary.

Meeting Security & Industry Standards

Established in 1945, Barry Bros Security is National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold, Master Locksmith Association (MLA) and Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI) accredited with our Electronic Locking Systems meeting European and British standards as well as the exacting requirements of insurers.

How can we help YOU?

Regardless of the type of property you are looking to protect, Barry Bros Security will design and install the ideal electronic locking system to enhance your overall security system. Contact us today to arrange your free, no-obligation security survey or for free, expert advice.