Assa Locks

Assa is a globally renowned brand, specialising in high performance access solutions designed to make people feel safe and secure in convenient ways. From electronic locking systems and high level electro-mechanical key systems, to an array of standard and high security door and lock essentials, Assa is a brand that’s widely trusted by regulated, compliance-dependent organisations, and known to perform in demanding, high usage environments where reliability is crucial.

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High performance Assa cliq systems, for when compliance matters

Assa offers a range of leading-edge door security solutions, with a full quota of choice encompassing physical, electronic, offline, cloud and wireless systems. Depended upon worldwide across a variety of sectors, from healthcare and utilities to hospitality and high-end residential, Assa is the brand of choice where high performance and regulatory compliance are vital.

Are you looking for a door access system for commercial or residential premises that is compliant with Fire Regulations? Assa offers solutions that provide straightforward escape in an emergency, but make certain that premises are safeguarded from unauthorised access.

Do you need to ensure the highest possible level of security to protect the most sensitive areas of your property? For improved security across critical areas such as R&D labs and IT rooms, the CLIQ system will serve your needs perfectly. Assa CLIQ is a high level electro-mechanical system featuring cloud-hosted key programming software. Using a single master key, and with the ability to set varying security levels and specific time of day access schedules, CLIQ provides a full audit trail of who has accessed various areas of a property and when, without the need to manage multiple keys.

London based hospitals, high end hotels and private residence communal gardens have all benefited from an Assa CLIQ system installation by Barry Bros Security.

Leading Assa lock technology, for a user-centric experience

Are you keen to make the most of the latest cutting edge access control and locking solutions? Assa is an industry leader when it comes to shaping security systems around today’s pioneering technologies. Champions of innovation, Assa specialises in developing high-tech, total entrance concepts with full IT integration.

As well as CLIQ, the brand offers a host of technology-driven solutions for door and entrance environments, all engineered with sustainability and user experience in mind. From plug-and-play systems such as Hi-O designed to simplify door installation, service and maintenance, to the cloud-based Accentra that makes access control a breeze for users and scalability simple for operators, Assa offers ample solutions to suit a vast array of specific market requirements.

Meeting modern day demands with next generation Assa door locks

Assa cylinders are engineered to meet the exacting demands of today’s increasingly risk-prone environments.

Do you need a reliable security cylinder for a master key application? Looking to protect an office suite, classroom, hospital ward or residential block?

The Assa Twin Combi is also a popular choice for very high security needs, with its hardened steel drill resistant inserts, plus patented keys and Code Level 7 mechanism for maximum protection against unauthorised duplication.

Meeting bump resistance requirements to British Standards and, another popular high security choice, Flexcore Plus is precision engineered using high quality materials, ensuring the longevity of both cylinders and keys. And with key protection applied to all cylinders, you can rest assured that keys cannot be copied by unauthorised parties, for complete peace of mind across your organisation. Looking for a bespoke application? A full Flexcore Plus master key system design service is available, please ask us for details.

Searching for a high security cylinder to guard against direct attack in a demanding environment? One that can be used to cover all applications, from external and internal doors to cabinets and padlocks? Combining patented features with precision engineering and cross-function compatibility, the Assa P600 offers exceptional security, reliability and strength, as well as the capability to handle complex master key systems, all on one key profile. Flexcore Plus is also perfect for an array of master key applications with extended patent protection.


Interested in an ASSA solution?

Assa is a globally respected brand offering a variety of solutions suitable for even the most challenging, sensitive and compliance-dependent environments. If you’d like to discover how Assa access solutions could benefit your organisation, contact Barry Bros Security today.