Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP)

Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) acts as an umbrella organisation for various health and safety assessment schemes. It is committed to reducing red tape in the supply chain by ensuring all member schemes assess to the same standards, making it easier for procurement managers to select a contractor on even terms.

SSIP assessments are all judged on core criteria approved by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). These criteria set out how a business needs to comply with basic health and safety law.

Barry Bros Security is SSIP accredited via its memberships of Constructionline and SafeContractor.

Constructionline and SSIP

Constructionline is an organisation that assesses suppliers to government standards. Procurement managers in the construction and consultancy industry use Constructionline to help them make informed decisions, reassured that the contractors they are selecting meet approved standards.

Are you seeking a security contractor with the reassurance of Constructionline membership to enhance your supply chain risk management? Barry Bros Security holds silver Constructionline membership, meaning you get to take advantage of pre-confirmed legislative compliance and SSIP accreditation.

Are you looking to simplify your procurement processes? Buyers using the Constructionline platform and SSIP protocols can expect a simplified and faster search, validation and purchasing decision process, improving cost efficiency and reducing strain on resources.

A founder member of SSIP, Constructionline has been working to connect buyers and suppliers for 20 years. The organisation works to enhanced PAS91 criteria, and is also able to validate suppliers as ‘deemed to satisfy’ for SSIP via their health and safety specialists at Acclaim.

PAS91 – Publicly Available Specification – is a standard question set that buyers of products or services may use to assess the capabilities of a business across various topics. It is designed to help buyers to determine whether a business is capable of being compliant with applicable standards and legislation.

SafeContractor and SSIP

SafeContractor is another accreditation scheme that eases the process of ensuring contractors comply with health and safety responsibilities. By meeting a strict set of criteria and demonstrating high levels of competency and legal compliance, Barry Bros Security has been accepted onto the SafeContractor approved list.

Are you looking for a security contractor with pre-confirmed health and safety compliance? Engaging a SafeContractor approved company delivers peace of mind that all health and safety responsibilities have been met.

Do you need to verify criteria other than health and safety when selecting a security company? SafeContractor also acts as an SSIP accreditation, collecting and verifying information across financial, environmental and ethical practices, as well as health and safety. It can include specific areas, such as permits to work at height, and hazardous material handling. It also works to the common questions sets defined within PAS91.

Looking for an SSIP accredited security specialist?

SSIP accreditation streamlines the procurement process by pre-confirming that vital criteria are met. Combined with the reassurance of Constructionline and SafeContractor memberships, with Barry Bros Security you get to enjoy even stronger levels of confidence when engaging a security industry specialist. To discover how we can bring specialist expertise and over seven decades of experience to your project, please get in touch.