Paxton Security System

Paxton is a highly respected worldwide brand known for its expertise in cutting edge access control solutions. With a variety of custom solutions designed to meet the needs of a range of industry sectors, Paxton is one of our most trusted brands when it comes to meeting access control needs.

State-of-the-Art Paxton Security System for Cutting-Edge Control

Paxton access control platforms combine a range of components including locks and door hardware, panic devices, door controllers and software, together creating state-of-the-art, tailor-made wireless access control solutions.

Are you seeking an access control system that works wirelessly, allowing you to manage key control efficiently, flexibly and cost effectively? A system that allows you to use existing doors and locks, offering hassle-free installation and simple key assignment? Paxton offers pioneering access control systems that can be seamlessly integrated with other services such as canteens and cashless vending together with other electronic and physical security and building management systems for the ultimate in centralised operation.


Paxton Access Control System: A Total Flexibility Design

Flexibility is essential with access control. For example, do you hold events where access permissions need to change temporarily? Are you looking to avoid entry or exit bottlenecks at times of high traffic? Do you need the flexibility to restrict access not just by location, but also by duration? To combine different levels of security access across the premises?

Paxton solutions make it easy to change access rules easily and quickly, including in security breach situations where a local lockdown feature can be deployed instantly by authorised users. Paxton access control features also work well for short term visitors such as conference attendees, hotel guests and contractors.

Information stored on Paxton key cards can be transferred to a PC to provide audit trail information, so if you are seeking an access system that can be used for timesheet or payroll verification, there is a Paxton solution that will fit your needs.


Designed to Meet Unique Industry Requirements

Are you looking for an access control solution with special features designed specifically for your industry? Paxton access control solutions are used across a wide range of industries, designed to efficiently manage the movement of different groups of people across the premises, maximising security in an unobtrusive way.

Paxton solutions offer special features for a variety of sectors including commercial, education, government, healthcare, hospitality, leisure and entertainment and transport, meeting all related legislative compliance demands and unique industry needs. For the hospitality industry there is a specialist guest experience solution incorporating the latest smart technologies, helping to drive business to hotels by enhancing competitive edge. The Paxton Key mobile app allows guests to receive their access key via email so they can go straight to their room on arrival, using their smartphone to unlock the door.


Interested in a Paxton solution?

Whatever type of premises you are seeking to protect with access control, whichever industry sector you are in, Barry Bros Security has the solution. Contact us today for expert advice and the benefit of decades of experience in the security industry.