Mul-T-Lock is a globally renowned, award-winning locking and access control brand respected for its exceptional range of high security products. Mul-T-Lock solutions are designed to deliver the utmost in protection, serving both residential markets and an array of commercial industry sectors across 80 countries.

Mul-T Digital Lock System for residential property

Part of the ASSA ABLOY family, Mul-T-Lock is known for its innovative approach to security. For the residential market, Mul-T-Lock provides high security locking systems designed to eliminate points of vulnerability. For business, Mul-T-Lock has developed a wide range of sophisticated locking and access control systems that meet the needs of a diverse variety of environments.

Looking to install a digital door viewer to safeguard your home? Mul-T-Lock’s GotU range consists of motion sensors that trigger automatic video and image capture, providing time and date stamped files suitable for use as evidence. Images are high quality, and night vision provides 24/7 protection. Most models incorporate an external doorbell that also triggers recording action.

Want to lock or unlock your doors remotely? The ENTR door unit can be easily retrofitted to existing doors, providing access via your Bluetooth connected smart device. Also in the range are fingerprint and touchpad readers.

Technology-powered commercial solutions

Need a simple way to transform your commercial or institutional security courtesy of access control capable of zoned lockdown? SMARTair is easy to install and works with most existing mechanical locks and doors with no need for wiring. Its full audit trail capabilities mean it meets regulatory requirements.

Mul-T-Lock CLIQ wireless technology is an electromechanical locking solution that provides enhanced control over all access points. Its ability to be incorporated into Mul-TLock’s patented platforms such as MT5 allow new functionality to be added to existing systems with ease, making it totally scalable. Need a solution for lost or limited-timeaccess keys? eCLIQ, the fully electronic version of CLIQ, is the answer. The programmable, highly robust waterproof keys can easily be cancelled when required.

Looking to safeguard assets in transit or protect remote property? WatchLock is a high security GPS-powered padlock by Mul-T-Lock that has the ability to notify you in real time where it is, whether it has been accessed or if its batteries need changing. Combined with CLIQ technology, this padlock becomes a very powerful security solution, providing enhanced access control and remote and time-based key authorisation and updates.

Innovative business protection

Concerned about opportunistic thefts? Brief absences from the office are common times for thieves to strike, often targeting portable devices, sensitive business information or other valuables. The solution? Code-Handle by Mul-T-Lock is a wireless electronic security handle designed to prevent unauthorised access when you’ve stepped out of the office. Simply set the code and the handle locks the door from the outside. Want to enhance security by taking more control over your keys and locking systems? Mul-T-Lock’s MT5 platforms provide advanced key control that is only readable by authorised Mul-T-Lock dealers. Keys can be individually assigned various levels of access courtesy of a master key system.

ClassicPro is another innovative solution offering key copy control technology for an added layer of protection against key duplication. ClassicPro cylinders provide higher resistance to break-ins via bumping, drilling or picking. Other Mul-T-Lock patented high security key management solutions include Interactive+, Integrator, Classic and 7×7. Most platforms are CLIQ compatible so access control can be integrated with ease.

Finally, if you’re looking for a way to monitor and create permission based access for all your keys, Traka 21 is the answer. This plug-and-play RFID-powered key management system controls access and automatically records when a key is used, and who used it. View audit trail information on the cabinet’s built-in screen, or export via USB.

Interested in a Mul-T-Lock solution?

Mul-T-Lock is a renowned brand trusted for its high security, high quality innovative solutions. If you’d like to find out how products from the Mul-T-Lock range could enhance your home or business security, contact Barry Bros Security today.