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Common Causes of False Alarms and How to Avoid Them

Whilst intruder alarm systems are more advanced than ever, they are still not 100% fool proof – false alarms still happen and, when they do, they can be frustrating.

The Benefits of an Integrated Security System for Business Premises

A security system that serves multiple functions and that can adapt to individual business needs is a powerful one.

A Guide to CCTV Cameras for Better Business Security

There are many well-promoted benefits of using CCTV to protect your business premises.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Physical Security

In our recent post on security for 2020, one of the upcoming trends we explored was artificial intelligence (AI).

Security Trends: What’s on the Horizon for 2018?

Here we are again in a new year, always exciting because with every New Year comes a variety of new trends and innovations.

Security Solutions for Public Attractions

Public attractions such as galleries, museums and other tourist venues have been in the spotlight of late.

Security Standards: What Exactly does the Kitemark Stand for?

We have recently been discussing the subject of quality standards concerning insurance requirements.

Health and Safety Monitoring Courtesy of CCTV

One of the greatest challenges for any business owner or employer is health and safety compliance.

The Lesser Known Benefits of CCTV

CCTV offers a raft of benefits.

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