The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Physical Security

In our recent post on security for 2020, one of the upcoming trends we explored was artificial intelligence (AI).

In our recent post on security for 2020, one of the upcoming trends we explored was artificial intelligence (AI). It’s a crucial area that will drive a great deal of change as we enter the next decade, so let’s take a closer look at how artificial intelligence is set to transform the security landscape.

Artificial intelligenceArtificial intelligence is a powerful technology that can defend property and prevent crime. AI is sophisticated enough to assist major security operations such as the military, gathering huge amounts of data from smart sensors, and analysing events in real time so as to expose potential risks. But it can also come into its own on a smaller scale. It is incredibly flexible.

Crowd monitoring

AI is a smart technology. It has the ability to detect out of the ordinary behaviour, and flag exceptions to the norm.

Artificial intelligence works alongside human intelligence, flagging issues such as violent behaviour, which then alerts timely and relevant human intervention, or automated actions such as the summoning of emergency services.

AI is ideal for crowd monitoring, replacing dozens of pairs of eyes with automated surveillance to cover far greater expanses of area than could ever have been possible before and tracking individual behaviour at levels of accuracy that would be unachievable to the human eye.

AI crowd monitoring systems have the ability to track individuals in a set area. Smart sensors can detect objects constructed from particular materials that may pose a threat, such as explosives. They can also discern items of certain shapes, such as firearms, even when hidden from sight. As soon as any issues are detected, human intervention is called for.

Processing CCTV footage with Artificial Intelligence

Typical CCTV systems are limited to analysing a crime only after it has been committed. Whilst there may be plenty of cameras sited, there may not be enough people to watch all the feeds and scan the content.

AI can overcome this limitation by analysing footage and detecting anomalies in real time, alerting operators to issues so that criminal acts can be prevented, or dealt with quickly as they occur, rather than following up issues after they’ve happened.

In retrospect, when a crime has already been committed and evidence is required, it is possible for AI to ‘watch’ literally hundreds of hours of video in just a few seconds, using facial recognition technology to identify any particular suspects, victims or missing persons. Time is saved, and the ability to collect evidence is enhanced.

Access control

Access control is the ultimate way to protect stock and sensitive data and to restrict movement to authorised personnel. Traditionally access control would be overseen manually, but there is a limit to the area that can be covered by security personnel, especially if budgets are restricted.

AI technology on the other hand monitors premises on an automated basis, tracking system performance and alerting security personnel to issues as they arise.

Where a threat to security is detected, AI has the ability to recommend solutions for fast selection. It can also set off a chain of events automatically, such as locking down certain zones, summoning emergency services or deploying onsite security staff.

Drone and robot patrols

Traditionally, security patrols would be manned by trained personnel. This would again be limited by budget and access to equipment. Such limitations could lead to safety gaps.

Artificial intelligence has been able to plug these gaps. Now human security officers need only be on standby, ready to act on the alerts relayed by the AI courtesy of drones and robots, programmed to detect anomalies in natural behaviour that would flag a potential issue.

Making use of tomorrow’s technology today, with artificial intelligence

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