The Benefits of an Integrated Security System for Business Premises

A security system that serves multiple functions and that can adapt to individual business needs is a powerful one.

This is what is known as an integrated security system. Let’s take a look at how this type of security can benefit your business.

What is an integrated security system?

An integrated security system combines all your existing security functions, including CCTV, intruder alarms, access control and fire protection, into one centrally managed system.

Integrating these functions has the effect of simplifying processes, as well as providing powerful data that can be used to improve various aspects of your business. If you have specific goals in terms of security, working with a security expert to develop a bespoke integrated security system is a wise step, because they will be able to tailor a setup to deal with your individual risks, as well as any particular needs, such as regulatory or insurance compliance.

What are the benefits of an integrated security system?

The main purpose of integrating security solutions is to make it more straightforward to protect your premises, and the people and valuables within them. Here’s how you can benefit from an integrated security system…

Simple to adapt

Once you have your connected security system in place, it is relatively straightforward to add or remove elements, allowing you to adapt your setup to changing needs. This level of flexibility is important, especially in uncertain times where, for example, you may wish to update your system so that it better protects your premises during prolonged periods of closure. Similarly, if you add new machinery or equipment, extend your building or even add new premises, with an integrated security system you can quickly make changes so that it suits your new requirements.

Easy to manage

When you are running a number of security systems, such as CCTV, access control, intruder alarms and fire protection, it can be challenging to manage them all individually. But with connected security, you get to control everything from one simple dashboard.

Useful data insights

Smart technology provides useful data insights, presenting sophisticated information about what is happening within your business at any given time. From tracking footfall to monitoring areas of particular risk, integrated security has the ability to put you in a position of power, able to spot trends and patterns that could help you make better decisions, reduce risk and save time and money in the future.

Straightforward to maintain

Because an integrated security system is centrally managed, it makes everything so much easier to maintain. Identifying faults and carrying out servicing becomes so much more straightforward, which means your business is a lot safer, and your day to day management tasks reduced.

Sophisticated layered security

When you start to layer up your security, your levels of protection all of a sudden become that much more sophisticated. Connected systems, such as CCTV, intruder alarms and access control, can work together seamlessly to detect, alert and block or lockdown areas. Video and audio transmitters combined with intruder detection and CCTV allow real time information to be sent to a smart device, security hub or monitoring centre so that an appropriate response can be quickly deployed. These are just a few examples of how layered security can work.

The flexibility of an integrated security system allows a great deal of scope for creating a bespoke solution that provides the ultimate safeguard.

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With the benefits of an integrated security system clear, the next step is to ascertain precisely what will work best for your particular business.

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