How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionising Commercial Property Security

As Artificial Intelligence grows in its capabilities, so it is contributing more to commercial property security, with countless businesses taking the decision to integrate security with AI, making their systems proactive and preventive, rather than reactive.

As Artificial Intelligence grows in its capabilities, so it is contributing more to commercial property security, with countless businesses taking the decision to integrate security with AI, making their systems proactive and preventive, rather than reactive.

Artificial Intelligence in Commercial Property Security

What is AI technology?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is computer-generated intelligence that is able to perform the type of tasks commonly associated with human intelligence. AI works by consuming large volumes of data, then analysing that data for correlations and patterns, using them to make predictions and draw conclusions.

Artificial Intelligence has the ability to automate everyday tasks, and in some cases it can perform those tasks faster and better than humans can. This is especially the case in terms of repetitive, detail-oriented assignments.

Because it is able to process huge sets of data, AI can also provide insights into operations that otherwise may not have come to light,  or would have taken considerable amounts of time to conclude.

How can AI be used in commercial property security?

Commercial properties can integrate AI into fire alarms, burglar alarms, CCTV, safety locks, and biometric scanners for enhanced security protocols.

Retailers can make use of AI-driven cameras to reduce theft to by detecting unusual behaviours, alerting staff to threats and automatically restricting access.

The technology can also be used to detect and report issues with security hardware, including potential failures, and to flag access credentials being used simultaneously in several locations across a property.

Here are some specific ways in which Artificial Intelligence can be effectively used in commercial security:


AI-powered CCTV cameras provide property owners with enhanced visibility of what is going on inside and outside their property. Artificial Intelligence can detect potential threats and suspicious behaviour that could otherwise go unnoticed by busy staff, or that would need continual human monitoring.

False alerts are often an issue with video surveillance. But AI has the ability to differentiate between different types and causes of movement, minimising the risk of false alerts. It also uses machine learning to learn from its mistakes. So, for example, if there is a false alert and this is recorded as such, Artificial Intelligence will learn from this and change its behaviours in response, reducing the risk of future false alerts.

Artificial Intelligence technology can also be used to scan hours of CCTV footage following a security breach. Where such a task would traditionally take a significant amount of time for a human, AI can speed it up considerably by being programmed to search for anomalies and particular actions.

AI and intruder alarms

Machine learning can pick up on daily patterns within a commercial property. Movement detected during the hours when the property is normally not in use will register as an anomaly, and trigger an alarm.

Using machine learning, security systems can literally learn the patterns of staff, visitors, cleaning personnel and others, and arm or disarm buildings automatically.

False alarms have always been an issue associated with intruder alarms. Frustrating for keyholders, and irritating for neighbours, they also run the risk of being ignored if they happen too often.

However, as with CCTV, AI can be programmed to detect the difference between a human intruder, and a typical false alarm trigger, such as an animal or gust of wind. And again, it will use machine learning to learn from any mistakes, reducing the likelihood of the false alarm happening again.

AI for security system maintenance

Artificial intelligence can be programmed to detect issues with security systems, such as malfunctions or failing components. It can also be trained to automatically alert managers when there is a developing problem, so that action can be taken before the system fails altogether.

Predictive and proactive repair and maintenance is far more beneficial than the reactive alternative. It also reduces costs, and prevents threats to safety.

Taking security into the future with Artificial Intelligence

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