Security Solutions for Public Attractions

Public attractions such as galleries, museums and other tourist venues have been in the spotlight of late.

Public attractions such as galleries, museums and other tourist venues have been in the spotlight of late. High footfall attractions like these have been on critical alert due to the increasing threats associated with crowded places.

With visitor safety the responsibility of the venue, it is vital that sophisticated measures are in place to protect them.

But the duty of care goes much further for the public attraction; not only are there irreplaceable artefacts to safeguard, there is also a workforce to consider: one that is doubly tasked with both taking care of the public, and undertaking the role of custodian.

Tourist Venue Challenges

One of the main challenges for tourist venues has always been safeguarding artefacts whilst allowing a constant flow of people to view them.

Security solutions must be custom designed to prevent theft and damage to priceless items on display, but consideration must also be given to safeguarding the public in terms of protecting them from opportunistic thieves who prey on tourists undercover of crowded hotspots.

Reputation is crucial, and the venue with a good reputation for security and safety will attract more visitors. People naturally want to feel safe when they are visiting attractions with their families after all.

Reputation is also key when it comes to promoting confidence for exhibition loans: without a solid background in security, a venue will rarely attract the sort of loans that will bolster revenue. The venue with a well-regarded reputation in security on the other hand will see organisations far more likely to agree to loan the likes of valuable paintings, sculptures and furniture for example.

Intelligent Integration

For venues, security systems must be intelligently integrated and should also extend to fire safety measures. Systems will start at the perimeter with physical solutions including high security doors and windows, bars and grilles.

CCTV and integrated intruder alarm systems will monitor both the outside and the inside of the venue. Alarm response centres can be alerted within seconds of an alarm being triggered with emergency services and key holders being alerted immediately.

Access control allows certain areas of a venue to be zoned off as required so that only approved personnel are able to gain access. Systems can also be actioned in lockdown situations. Should a threat be detected, selected ingress and egress points can be secured in an instant. Doors and gates fitted with remote control locks can be activated either automatically or manually in response to a threat, and security screens can be triggered to protect valuable artefacts.

Expert, Customised Assistance in Venue Security

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