The Benefits of Integrating CCTV with Access Control and What You Need to Know

CCTV is a powerful security solution, monitoring potential security threats and recording vital footage, whilst access control authorises entry to premises or parts of it.

CCTV and access control

CCTV is a powerful security solution, monitoring potential security threats and recording vital footage, whilst access control authorises entry to premises or parts of it. Integrating these two technologies opens up a whole host of additional and very powerful security features.

We’ve previously explored how access control can be paired with a variety of security technologies to create doubly powerful solutions. Having touched on CCTV, it’s time to look at this duo in more detail because, when CCTV and access control are used together, there are many security advantages to tap into.

Access point timestamps

CCTV cameras can be connected with access control and placed at access points to record people entering and leaving. This produces a timestamp, which can be cross referenced with an individual’s access control credentials.

This is useful in situations where there’s been a security breach, revealing whether the person who entered actually matched the credentials, or whether those credentials had been compromised by an unauthorised user.

Identifying unauthorised entrants

Advanced CCTV systems that incorporate artificial intelligence are able to determine whether the entry credentials provided actually match the person being recorded.

In the event that the system detects an anomaly between the face and the access credentials, it will trigger an alarm or alert security staff. This is powerful way to reduce the risks posed by stolen entry cards or fobs, as well as for detecting and discouraging credential sharing.

Detecting tailgaters

Integrating CCTV and access control is effective in highlighting tailgating events. In such scenarios, one authorised person enters, followed in close succession by one or more unauthorised people.

Access control alone will not detect this, but when integrated with CCTV, tailgating is easily spotted. An alarm can be triggered or an alert sent to security staff so the issue can be dealt with, potentially preventing a high risk security breach.

Taking security from reactive to proactive

CCTV and access control integration can take a security system from reactive to proactive.

An approach that monitors for issues and prompts action to deal with them before a major security breach arises is way more beneficial than one that deals with issues after the event, when it’s too late and all that’s left to do is review post-incident footage. And that’s precisely what a CCTV and access control integration can do, potentially reducing the need for 24/7 security personnel in the process.

Things to consider when integrating CCTV and access control

It’s important to consider that not all brands of CCTV and access control will work together, and that not all access control systems are able to integrate with CCTV.

So if you’re planning on using both together, make sure you choose compatible systems. Take advice from a National Security Inspectorate (NSI) approved security company so you can enjoy complete peace of mind that the system you’re being recommended will suit your specific needs and level of risk.

Another important consideration is to ensure you’re investing in the latest technologies. Access control for example is all about contactless functionality nowadays, with keypads and fobs being replaced by smartphone credentials and biometrics such as fingerprints, iris scanning and voice recognition. CCTV is also evolving in leaps and bounds, with cameras becoming increasingly adaptable to modern demands. The cloud is transforming the way we store, process and review recorded footage, and smart analytics are becoming ever more powerful.

Failing to invest in the most up to date solutions could limit you in terms of scope of integration with other technologies, and you could miss out on pioneering features that would better protect your premises, reduce your risk and potentially save you time and money.

CCTV and access control integration – how could YOU benefit?

CCTV and access control integration provides a range of benefits, leading to a more proactive security strategy. Other advantages include enhanced convenience and greater value for money. However, to fully benefit, you’ll need to ensure your systems are compatible.

With decades of experience working with the latest smart security technologies, and as an NSI approved company, we can tailor access control and CCTV solutions to suit your precise requirements.

Whether you’re upgrading or installing from new, we will guide you so that you can draw the most out of your access control and CCTV.

To learn more about how an integrated CCTV and access control system could benefit your business, you are welcome to get in touch, or visit us to discuss your individual requirements in person with a member of our team at our London showroom.

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