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Outdoor Security: A Guide to Securing Back and Side Gates

If you’re going to go to the trouble and expense of installing a back or side gate to safeguard the rear of your property, it’s vital that the gate is well secured so that it provides maximum protection.

Burglary Warning: New Break-In Target Marking Trick Revealed

UK residents are being urged to be on the lookout out for a bizarre trick burglars are using to mark properties they plan to break into.

How to Secure Your Garden Room or Shed

If you have invested in a garden office, studio, home gym or upgraded shed, then it is vital that you take steps to protect it with good levels of security.

Garden Security Solutions London Homeowners Should Invest In

The past few months have seen many people start to really invest in their homes.

Padlocks: A Buyer’s Guide

Many people rely on padlocks to secure everything from the garden shed to their performance bicycle or shop shutters.

A Guide to Securing the Valuables in Your Front Garden

Many people plough a great deal of time, passion and money into making their gardens look amazing.

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