Garden Security Solutions London Homeowners Should Invest In

The past few months have seen many people start to really invest in their homes.

The past few months have seen many people start to really invest in their homes. It really is no wonder. Our abodes have become our havens; our workplaces, our home schools. A socially distant place to gather, especially in our gardens which have developed into safe places to get together with friends and family. If you have recently made an investment in beautifying your garden, you will naturally want to protect that investment. Here are our experts’ top picks of the best garden security systems London homeowners who value their homes would be wise to consider.

Admiral Insurance claims data for 2018 shows the average cost of theft from a garden is £2,287, with the items most likely to be stolen being bicycles, tools and garden equipment.

Garden security systems LondonHowever, according to the Crime Prevention Website, there is an increasing temptation for thieves to also target plants, trees and shrubs, statues and sculptures, ponds and water features and even paving. Plants most commonly targeted include bays, citrus, hollies, palms, Bonsai and Japanese maples. Whilst these tend to be taken from the front of the house, there are also reports of them being taken from the back via side gates or even lifted over fences or walls that back onto the street.

In light of this fact, it is doubly important to secure back and side gates with high quality locking systems London security experts recommend, such as a combination of a padbolt and a double locking long throw gate lock, or a mortice deadlock.


Boundary security systems London homeowners can easily employ

In addition, securing boundary walls or fences is vital to prevent access in this way, although care must be taken when adding toppers or increasing the height of a fence. Considerations such as planning permission, fence ownership and signage must all factor so that your boundary security stays within the law. Insurers and security professionals alike recommend intruder alarms and CCTV systems. London wide these are used to add a sophisticated layer of security to boundaries, but they will also work equally effectively for shed and outbuilding security.

Motion triggered floodlights, according to Secured by Design, are the most effective form of garden security. Installed along boundaries, these lights will literally flood the garden with light as soon as motion is detected. When combined with CCTV and security alarms London homeowners can enjoy an effective multi-layer security set-up for the ultimate in garden protection.

Shed and outbuilding security

Sheds and outbuildings, especially those that house expensive gardening machinery or bicycles, or those that have been designed as outdoor offices or gyms and therefore rank highly on the hit list for opportunistic thieves, really do need close attention.

Intruder alarms can be fitted relatively easily even if there is no mains power as there are plenty of wireless options. The same goes for CCTV. A wireless smart CCTV system will relay real time images to any smart device the minute motion is detected, meaning you can stay on top of what’s going on in your garden wherever you are. It’s a form of modern remote monitoring London homeowners really are favouring these days.

A quality locking system is crucial to protect the contents of your shed or outbuilding. If your home insurance provider covers theft from sheds or outbuildings, they will only honour a claim in the event of a theft if you can prove it was locked and can show evidence of forced entry. Always check your insurance policy wording to ensure you are complying with lock warranties. When it comes to locks and insurance compliance it is essential to get it right.

Garden security checklist

Here’s an at-a-glance checklist to help you secure the garden you’ve invested so much into:

  1. Check it – following any particularly bad weather, or once winter has subsided, get out and check fences, gates, sheds and outbuildings for any damage which could spell potential security flaws. Make any necessary repairs a priority.
  2. Lock it – never leave any side or back gates unlocked and be sure to use those locks you’ve installed on your shed or outbuildings. Remember, insurers won’t honour a claim for theft unless there is evidence of forced entry.
  3. Light it – motion activated lighting acts as both a deterrent and a way for you to see precisely what’s going on in your garden should there be a disturbance. Be sure to take the right steps to get the most out of your security lighting.
  4. Strengthen it – boundaries can be strengthened in many ways, although do make sure you stay within the law. Natural security measures such as thorny shrubs around borders are the ideal way to introduce protection that also looks appealing.
  5. Stash it – never leave anything of value out in the garden that can be locked away. This includes garden machinery and tools, children’s toys, garden furniture, ladders and the like. Remember that thieves will use anything they can get their hands on to gain access to open windows, so don’t give them the opportunity.

Garden Security Systems London Homeowners can Depend on

At Barry Bros Security we have been advising London homeowners on leading-edge security solutions suitable for protecting their gardens and the valuables within them for several decades.

If you’d like to discover the latest measures available for keeping your outdoor space safe and secure, you are welcome to get in touch, or pay a visit to our London showroom where our helpful security experts will be on hand to help you formulate an effective and tailor made garden security plan.

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