Burglary Warning: New Break-In Target Marking Trick Revealed

UK residents are being urged to be on the lookout out for a bizarre trick burglars are using to mark properties they plan to break into.

UK residents are being urged to be on the lookout out for a bizarre trick burglars are using to mark properties they plan to break into. Read on to learn what to look out for, and other common tricks intruders use to pick out their targets.

Burglary warning kidney beans

A home security expert has warned of a new tactic being used by burglars to check whether residents are away and their property is unattended, so that it can be singled out for a potential break-in.

The bizarre tactic, involving pouring kidney beans onto doorsteps at night, is the latest in a string of strategies adopted by burglars. The perpetrators use the ploy with a view to seeing whether the beans are still there the next morning, or whether they’ve been cleared up.

If the beans remain untouched, it confirms the burglars’ suspicions that the householder is away, providing them with their next target. An empty property is, after all, a much easier target than an occupied one.

Householders are being urged to be vigilant as they leave their homes in the morning, and to check their doorsteps first thing if they’re not heading out, making sure any oddly placed tins of kidney beans are removed. Homeowners are also encouraged to look out for neighbours’ properties, particularly those who are away on holiday or overnight.

Going away? Ask a trusted neighbour, relative or friend to pop by and look out for and dispose of any oddly deposited kidney beans outside your front door.

Are burglars using any other tactics to mark their next break-in targets?

In a previous post, we explored some of the latest burglary tricks.

One was placing masking tape over keyholes and doorbells. If the tape is not removed from the keyhole within a few days, it is assumed that the property is unoccupied. Placing tape over a doorbell causes it to continuously ring. If no one answers, the property is assumed unoccupied.

Another tactic we looked at was leaflet build-up. Burglars post multiple leaflets through letterboxes for a few days in a row. If the leaflets are not cleared up, they’ll assume the property to be empty.

And there’s more. Recently, there have been reports of stones being piled up outside front doors. This is a similar ploy to the kidney bean trick, with burglars returning to check if the stones have been moved.

It’s also been reported that stickers are being placed on wheelie bins where burglars suspect a homeowner to be out of town. So be sure to check your bins every morning, and remove any stickers that have appeared overnight.

Again, in all cases, asking someone to pop in regularly when you’re away will help to thwart these tactics. A video doorbell will also alert you to any unusual activity on your doorstep, wherever you may be.

Finally, this time on the subject of vehicle security, there have been reports of people returning home in their cars to find their wheelie bins on their driveways. As they get out of the car to move the bin, leaving their motor running, a thief springs out from a hiding place, jumps in the car, and makes off.

So, if you get home and find your bin on your drive, and you know for a fact you didn’t leave it there, don’t get out of your car.

“The average cost of a residential burglary is over £3,000”

Figures from the Official for National Statistics have revealed that the average cost of a residential burglary in the UK is around £3,030, and that there were as many as 265,508 burglary incidents across England and Wales in 2020.

As well as taking steps to safeguard property with the likes of intruder alarms, CCTV, security lighting and high security door and window locks, UK charity Crimestoppers advises householders to ensure all outbuildings, garages, sheds and gates are securely locked for all-round protection.

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