Outdoor Security: A Guide to Securing Back and Side Gates

If you’re going to go to the trouble and expense of installing a back or side gate to safeguard the rear of your property, it’s vital that the gate is well secured so that it provides maximum protection.

How to Secure Back and Side Gates

If you’re going to go to the trouble and expense of installing a back or side gate to safeguard the rear of your property, it’s vital that the gate is well secured so that it provides maximum protection. In this post, we’re looking at the security features you can add to your back or side gates to deter intruders.

Check the strength of your back gate

The overall strength of a back or side gate is largely determined by the design and thickness of its backing rails and frame. How strong these elements are will determine how much of a challenge it is to break through the gate.

A gate without backing rails fitted diagonally across the rear will not be anywhere near as strong as one that does have them. Additional panels framing the gate will also boost its robustness.

Also, gates where the top is left as open grain are more likely to rot, because this part of the timber will be exposed to the elements. The answer is to frame the gate with hardwood, dowelled and glued into place with strong wood glue. This will then protect the top of the gate from water ingress and eventual rot.

Keeping your gate regularly treated will not only give its appearance a boost, but will also help it stay stronger for longer. Rotting gates are much softer and easier to compromise, so be sure to regularly apply a good quality treatment.

Secure your back and side gates with quality locks

Back and side gates are mostly secured with sliding pad-bolts. These are designed to be used with a padlock, and the higher the quality of the padlock, the better. The important thing is to actually use these padlocks. Many people don’t fully lock up if the gates are in constant use.

Just remember that burglars can easily reach over and unlock a side or back gate. A pad-bolt (one that is used as it should be) fitted to the bottom and top of the gate will prevent this becoming an issue.

The only thing with pad-bolts is that they can only be used from the side of the gate to which they are fitted.

The alternative is a long throw gate lock. These will allow keyed access from either side of the gate, similar to a front door lock.

The ideal scenario would be to combine a padbolt and long throw gate lock for added security.

Alternatively, you could invest in a mortice deadlock for your back or side gate. These also allow locking and unlocking from both sides and, because they are fitted inside the gate rather than onto its surface, they can’t just be simply unscrewed and removed by an intruder. Providing your back or side gate is of sufficient thickness, you’ll be able to fit a mortice lock.

Make sure your back and side gate hinges are robust

Something that is often overlooked as an important security feature is back or side gate hinges.

Go for a heavy duty design, ensuring the hinges are big enough to suit the size of your gate. For a gate of a metre or so in width, you’ll need hinges of around 45cm. If the gate is wider, go for 60cm hinges fitted with pins, with one pin pointing up and the other down so your gate cannot be lifted off its hinges by an intruder.

Fit security spikes

A strip of security spikes fitted to the top of the gate will act as a good deterrent to prevent burglars climbing over it.

Do be aware though that you have a responsibility under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1984 to warn trespassers of any dangers, or discourage them from putting themselves at risk. You’ll therefore need a warning sign if you are using any form of deterrent that has the potential to cause injury. The signs themselves will also act as a deterrent.

Automate your gates

If you are constantly in and out of your back or side gate, investing in an automated model could be a good move. These can be opened and relocked using a fob or smartphone app.

It’s vital that automated gates are professionally installed and regularly serviced and maintained by a security expert so that they continue to provide top level protection, and operate safely.

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