The Benefits of Integrating Access Control with Other Security Solutions

Access control solutions play a vital role in protecting commercial premises, and the people and assets within them; they help to manage security threats, prevent unauthorised entry and create a safe and secure environment for workers and visitors.

Access control solutions play a vital role in protecting commercial premises, and the people and assets within them; they help to manage security threats, prevent unauthorised entry and create a safe and secure environment for workers and visitors.

Access control

Today’s systems make use of cutting edge technology to render them highly robust and flexible, as well as simple to use for both users and operators. But the real beauty of this security solution is the way it can be integrated with other systems. From CCTV to fire safety and smart building management systems, there is a world of possibilities that can be opened up courtesy of integration. Let’s take a look at some of the most powerful combinations.

What is integrated access control?

It is possible to boost the security of your commercial building by integrating access control with other systems so that they work together, with one action triggering another. This could be anything from CCTV and intruder alarms to fire alarm systems and smart building management. Integration doesn’t just enhance security, but also safety.

Access control and CCTV

Where CCTV cameras monitor potential security threats, access control authorises entry to the building. But instead of the two operating independently, they can be combined and, in doing so, considerably enhance protection levels.

By pairing it to control points, CCTV can be used to verify identity and record whoever is entering or leaving a building. Smart video analytics, using artificial intelligence, make it possible to check credentials against a standard and flag up any anomalies.

Automatic identity verification is also a possibility thanks to recent technological advances. Again this uses artificial intelligence, this time to check facial features against recorded information. It is easy to see how this level of security far outclasses traditional key fob or card systems, which were open to cloning or unauthorised use.

Integrated CCTV and entry control can also be used to prevent tailgating, where multiple people attempt to enter a building or restricted area by following directly behind someone who is authorised.

Access control and intruder alarms

Access control and intruder alarms combined make for a very powerful commercial security combination.

For example, if an intruder alarm is activated, access control can be automatically triggered to lock down all or part of a building in the event of a security breach. This will help to contain a threat, safeguard employees and visitors, and keep valuable assets protected.

Access control and fire safety

It is possible to integrate access control with a fire alarm system. In the event of fire, doors will be automatically unlocked for free-flowing access, so that staff can be safely evacuated without having to pause to verify their identity to pass through. The system can then provide a digital roll call to ensure everyone is accounted for.

Access control and smart office integration

The smart building is a growing security trend, making use of Internet of Things (IoT) connected sensors and devices to automatically control various elements of the building management system. These include the likes of HVAC, lighting, room bookings and security.

Role-based access control is a common feature of the smart building management system. It streamlines access to the building itself, as well as certain areas of it, based on a series of pre-set permissions. Building occupants use their smartphones to gain entry to the zones they need to access. Such permissions can be time-controlled, and zoned lockdown can be triggered with a simple tap, closing off certain areas in order to contain a threat.

Smart access control can also be used to free up staff time. For example, when a visitor arrives, the access control system automatically notifies their host so there is no need for reception to do so. The smart system may then provide wayfinding information to the visitor, and grant them temporary access to the areas of the building they need to navigate.

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