Spring Clean Your Security Part 2: The Business Edition

Last month we looked at ways to spring clean your security.

Last month we looked at ways to spring clean your security. We’re continuing the theme this month, this time with a business-specific edition. So, if you are responsible for the security of your business premises, read on for some tips on making sure everything is up to date and doing its job.

We looked last month at the importance of checking your door closers, multipoint locks, intruder alarms and doors and windows. This all applies in a business setting too. In addition, you’ll want to be looking at the following.

Risk Assessments

Commercial security reviewHave you conducted a security risk assessment lately? Remember that things change as time goes by, which usually means that risk levels alter too.

If you have changed the layout of your premises; taken on new staff; extended your property; added new machinery or equipment; invested in new technology or made any other changes, or there have been attempted break-ins in the area or recent crime statistics are giving cause for concern, the chances are your risk level will have altered. Be sure to undertake a new risk assessment on a regular basis as well as every time something changes.

If you are lacking confidence in conducting a security risk assessment, call in the services of a security professional.

Key Holder List

Now is the time to review your key holder list. Is it still relevant? Has anyone left the company? Do you need to remove or add anyone?

It is important to ensure your key holder list is up to date because these are the people who will be contacted should your intruder alarm be activated. You may even wish to upgrade to a professional alarm response system rather than bothering key holders in the small hours. Take time to consider potential new ways of dealing with things.

Alarm and Access Control Passcodes

It is good practice to update alarm and access control passcodes on a regular basis, especially if staff have recently left the organisation. What’s more, passcodes can be stolen at any time, which makes periodically renewing them vital.

Fire Protection

You know the importance of regularly testing your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors at home, and there is no difference when it comes to a working environment.

Take the time now to make sure your alarms are working by pressing the test button where applicable or, if the alarms are connected to an integrated sprinkler system, call in a professional to undertake the testing for you.

You must also conduct regular fire alarm tests, so if it is a while since the last one, take the time to run one now so that everyone is refreshed on what to do in an evacuation scenario.

It’s a good time to check the functionality of your fire safety equipment too, such as extinguishers, fire blankets and evacuation chairs. Check the competency of your fire wardens and evacuation chair operators and, if necessary, arrange refresher training for them.


Over time, clutter can build up around doorways and exits. If it isn’t kept under control, things like boxes, discarded furniture and stock can prove a fire hazard by blocking vital escape routes. Outside, stacked items can act as an aid to gaining access.

Run a decluttering exercise throughout the premises, inside and out. Remove anything that blocks or aids access; arrange pruning of any overgrown hedges and trees that could provide cover for an intruder, and ensure everywhere appears well-maintained and free from debris and graffiti. Check exterior lights and sensor lights are working and that perimeter gates are in good condition. A well-kept business environment that doesn’t appear neglected is a good deterrent to thieves.

Staff Needs

If your organisation has recently taken on new staff who work alone or are particularly vulnerable, or are disabled, you will need to review your security measures in line with these new requirements.

Have a read of our post on accessibility and security for tips on combining security measures with disabled access. Our post on protecting lone and vulnerable workers should also prove useful.

Emergency Lockdown Plan

If you haven’t already, start putting in place a dynamic lockdown procedure so that you are prepared in the event of a fast moving attack taking place either on your premises or in the neighbouring vicinity. Such a plan is vital to protect your staff and members of the public.

Tailored Assistance from Established Security Professionals

If you feel you could benefit from professional assistance with your commercial security planning, why not talk to Barry Bros Security? We offer free security audits and a wealth of experience gained from over six decades in the industry. To discuss your specific requirements, get in touch or pay a visit to our London showroom.

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