Dynamic Lockdown Procedures: Developing Your Strategy

Unfortunately a subject very much on the minds of many of us at this moment in time is terrorism.

Unfortunately a subject very much on the minds of many of us at this moment in time is terrorism. It is a very real threat for businesses and public places, especially in the Capital, which is why the Government is heavily pushing a system known as ‘dynamic lockdown’.

The system involves procedures designed to dynamically lockdown sites in response to a fast moving attack taking place either onsite or nearby. Many organisations are adopting these procedures in order to restrict and protect their premises in an emergency situation. The aim is to prevent attackers gaining access, and halt people moving into areas where they could find themselves at risk.

Where to Start with Dynamic Lockdown Planning

Every access and egress point will need to be considered, and it is important to remember that these could include more than just doors and gates. Windows, skylights, loft hatches, basements and ducts are just some of the ways in and out that could be used by attackers.

Next think about how these points can be locked down quickly – partially or fully – whilst at the same time maintaining flexibility to deal with evacuation to a place of safety. Aside from the actual physical and electronic security measures that will form part of your strategy, it is worth investing some time into how your premises might be zoned off so that specific areas can be locked down independently.

You will also need to address the issue of how you will notify people as to what is happening during a lockdown. And finally, you will require a plan for training staff so that they are fully clued up on how to deal with lockdown situations.

What Goes into a Dynamic Lockdown System?

An integrated, purpose designed system tailored specifically to the particular premises is essential. Measures might include a voice alarm public address system (VAPA) for keeping people informed of the situation and what they should do. This should ideally be a sophisticated system that allows announcements to be made in certain areas only, so that attackers are not made aware of the processes being undertaken.

CCTV monitoring plays a crucial role in dynamic lockdown procedures, especially when it is combined with access control and intruder and / or motion detection. Together these solutions deliver an advanced method by which ingress and egress can be controlled in response to prescribed incidents. Detectors can be geared to alert your security control team or a monitoring centre to a potential threat, and recordings can be prompted so that evidence is collected.

Other security measures could include doors and gates fitted with remote control locks that can be activated manually or automatically in response to a prescribed event; security screens, and panic buttons linked to external monitoring stations that will also trigger access control and other lockdown measures.

Help from Barry Bros Security

If you are planning a dynamic lockdown strategy to protect your workforce, visitors and / or the local community, talk to Barry Bros Security. We are very much behind the Government’s push to make London a safer place to live and work, and our experts are on hand to provide you with fully tailored advice to suit the specific needs of your premises.

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