Time to Spring Clean Your Security!

Spring is upon us at last.

Spring is upon us at last. It’s a great time for clearing out the old and bringing in the new to make your home or workspace look and feel lighter and brighter. So, whilst you’re cleaning, re-decorating or re-vamping, how about a springtime review of your security? There’s no better time to check your home or business premises are safe and secure!

Your Springtime Security Review

It’s vital that the security of your home or workspace is never taken for granted. Things can change over time and security measures really do need a regular review to make sure they are still working the way they should be, and the way you believe they are.

Some security features are affected by the changing seasons of the year and these in particular should form part of your review alongside other important provisions. Let’s take a look at what you should be including in your springtime security review.

Door closers

When temperatures change, door closers start to behave differently. It’s essential to make adjustments both at the onset of winter, and then again as the warmer weather begins, otherwise the closers simply won’t function properly. If you find that even after adjustment the closers still aren’t performing well, you may need to get the hydraulics recalibrated. Here’s some more information on door closer maintenance.

Multipoint locks

Multipoint locking systems are one of the most secure door locks available. As good as they may be however, it should always be remembered that, as with any lock, they are subject to a limited lifespan. Research conducted by Yale revealed that one million multipoint door locks were close to the end of their lifecycle with the potential of leaving thousands of homes unsecured. There are numerous things to look out for when checking a multipoint lock for functionality. This multipoint lock checklist is a vital read.

Intruder alarm

Intruder alarms should be regularly serviced by an accredited specialist to ensure they are functioning correctly. When was the last time your alarm was tested? Insurance providers will usually stipulate that an intruder alarm is installed and regularly maintained by an inspectorate listed company with minimum levels of accreditation such as NSI NACOSS Gold in order to be insurance compliant. Your springtime security review is a good time to check when your alarm was last serviced.

Doors and windows

Certain things happen to doors and windows as the weather changes so it’s essential to check them regularly to make sure they are closing and locking properly. Doors and windows can swell depending on the temperature, and changes in air pressure can cause doors and their closers to malfunction, sometimes failing to latch or becoming difficult to open. If your doors and windows have been closed for much of the winter, be sure to open them now spring is here and check that they are not sticking and that they still lock properly. More information including mistakes to avoid in dealing with malfunctioning doors and closers is right here.

Modern technology

This time of year is a great opportunity to consider whether any of your traditional and perhaps now dated security measures could be replaced with more modern alternatives. Smart security for example is taking over as connected devices become the norm in homes and business premises, and smart locks are fast becoming an integral part of intelligent home security systems. Why not take a look at how today’s technology could improve your home or business security?

You Don’t Have to go it Alone!

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