Security Through the Seasons

On this blog and in our newsletters we’ll often offer topical advice that goes hand in hand with the seasons of the year.

On this blog and in our newsletters we’ll often offer topical advice that goes hand in hand with the seasons of the year. After all, as the seasons change, so do security considerations.

So we thought we’d gather together some of the most popular seasonal guidance from the past couple of years and put everything together here in one place so you can use it as a central reference point and come back to it as we move through the year. Just remember, as the weather changes, check the Barry Bros Security seasons blog!


Spring is a time for new horizons and lots of people move home at this time of year. In this post we offered a step by step guide on how to protect and secure your new home.

Something else you might also find you need to do as winter makes way for the warmer temperatures of spring is re-adjust your door closers. During the winter, the oil that’s supposed to keep door closers working smoothly can congeal, and this can increase the time it takes for the door to close. Also, timber doors and frames expand in cold weather which can pull locks and hinges out of alignment. Adjustments need to be made, so it stands to reason that they’ll need to be reversed come the spring.


Summer is always about outdoor life, so much of the advice for this season is related to taking extra precautions to keep your home secure whilst you’re out enjoying the warmer weather. Plus, staying on the outdoor theme, we’ve included in this section tips on securing garages, gardens and outbuildings.

Summer Security Tips

The sun is out, the windows are open and everyone’s out the back enjoying a BBQ. All good fun, but it’s also an open invitation for an opportunistic burglar to make his move. Follow these tips to keep your property safe during the summer …

  1. Always close windows and doors in unoccupied rooms and lock them when leaving the property.
  2. Use sash stops or window restrictors to let air in but limit how far the window can be opened.
  3. Never leave keys in window or door locks or on show nearby.
  4. When you’re out the back on a summer’s evening, set lights to come on via a timer at the front of the house to show the property is occupied.
  5. Always take expert advice when buying locks and ensure they are professionally installed.
  6. Ensure all door and window locks are well-oiled, especially after a wet winter or spring. Water and rust can accumulate and prevent them from working properly

Preparing for Summer

You’re out and about a lot more and possibly preparing for a holiday or a few short breaks. In this post on how to prepare for summer we offered timely advice on making sure your home is as secure as possible while you’re not in it. And in this blog on avoiding undetected break-ins, we walked through a typical home looking at key points of risk such as windows, doors, keys and locks and how to go about boosting security.

Outside Security

Whilst garages are sometimes used to house vehicles, in many cases they’re filled with anything but! However, that doesn’t mean what’s in the garage isn’t valuable. In this post on garage security advice we covered everything from dealing with interconnecting doors to securing belongings such as bicycles and power tools with brackets, chains and padlocks. And in this blog focused on protecting gardens and outbuildings, we offered tips on keeping things like garden ornaments and tools safe from prying eyes.


Autumn is a time when you need to be on your guard from a security point of view. With the onset of darker evenings, now is the time to be checking your outdoor lighting is in good working order by testing it out and replacing any bulbs where necessary. A service is also a good idea.

After the summer is over it’s good practice to cut back any shrubs that have grown to obscure windows and other entrances. Trespassers are less likely to attempt to break in if they can be clearly seen. Trees that reach to upper windows can also pose a security risk so take the opportunity to arrange for a qualified tree surgeon to remove higher branches so there is no chance of someone climbing up and gaining access. If you do this before the leaves start to shed then it will save you the job of clearing them up!

With winter and the festive season not too far off, arranging maintenance checks for your burglar alarm and CCTV so you can be sure they are working as they should be is a wise move.


In spring we talked about reversing the adjustments you made on your door closers for the colder weather. Here’s the original post on maintaining door closers through the winter.

As Christmas approaches you’ll need to be taking extra special care over securing your home, especially with all the presents and new tech and other things you’ve probably been treating yourself to. This post offered a list of tips on how to keep your home secure through the winter and festive season.

And finally, as we mentioned in one of our newsletters, Christmas is a time for reflection. So why not make this the time of year you undertake an annual review of your security? Here’s a checklist of what to think about:

  1. Were there any attempts to breach your security?
  2. Has technology moved on since you installed your current system and are there now better ways of protecting your property?
  3. Have there been recent crime issues in the neighbourhood that you want to protect against?
  4. Do you have new valuables that need additional security?

Year-Round Security

Reviewing security throughout the year and keeping vigilant, whatever the season, is very wise. Here at Barry Bros Security we offer a free security review, so if there is anything at all – any time of year – that you’re concerned about, please get in touch.

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