Security Tips: How to Prepare for Summer

Now that the official spring cleaning period is over, you may be looking forward to summer activities, both in and outside the home.

Now that the official spring cleaning period is over, you may be looking forward to summer activities, both in and outside the home. While all this is going on, you still need to be vigilant and protect your home and belongings. You really don’t want to return from a day out or a holiday to find that some unscrupulous beings have entered your house and stripped it of your precious assets. Here are a few reminders that should help prevent that. 

Make Access Areas Visible

Did you include your garden in your spring cleaning? If you haven’t yet cut back shrubs that obscure windows and other entrances from neighbours and passers-by, do it now. Trespassers are less likely to attempt to break in if they can be clearly seen. Likewise, you may need to prune off tree branches close to upper windows, so they can’t climb up to gain access.

Just as in winter, your security lights can keep these areas visible in darkness. They must, however, be properly maintained to be reliable. While it’s easy to know if something is wrong with those operating via an on-off switch, if they work with sensors or on timers when you are not present, there may be quite a time lapse before you are aware of any problems. Get them checked and serviced so that you can be confident they are in good working order.

Maintain Alarms and Locks

The same applies to your burglar alarm. You can only be sure it is working properly if it has regular maintenance checks. This may be the time to organise it. If you want it to act as a deterrent as well as a call for help, you also need to display a sign about it outside your house. A would-be thief would prefer not to attempt to enter a house that he believes is alarmed. If he has no way of knowing this until he sets it off, he will already be inside and can make off with whatever can be grabbed quickly.

When we have a really wet winter and spring, you need to keep your door and window locks well-oiled with WD40 to clear out any water or rust that has accumulated. If you find anything is not working properly, get professional help.

When you go Away

Of course you will cancel your daily deliveries and ask a trustworthy neighbour to keep an eye out. You won’t leave spare keys in the garden unless they are in a well-hidden security container with a combination lock. You wouldn’t do anything to advertise that the house is empty, so make sure that no member of the family uses social media to let friends know when they are going on holiday.

At Barry Bros, we have been helping people keep their homes secure all year round for several decades. We know what risks are highest in what month every year. We can help you keep your security equipment running perfectly, and will be happy to talk through any concerns you have about how to protect your property. Please get in touch or call in to our London showroom.

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