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It’s that time of year when we’re spending more time outdoors, or should be, weather permitting! So following on from last month’s tips on securing your garden and outbuildings, this month we’re turning our attention to garage security.

It’s that time of year when we’re spending more time outdoors, or should be, weather permitting! So following on from last month’s tips on securing your garden and outbuildings, this month we’re turning our attention to garage security. 

Whilst garages are sometimes used to house vehicles, in many cases they’re filled with anything but! However, that doesn’t mean what’s in the garage isn’t valuable. Appliances like washing machines, tumble dryers and chest freezers commonly call a garage home and are all desirable items, particularly for metal thieves. Bicycles, ladders, fishing and camping gear, power tools: all this can add up to a substantial amount value wise, and you never know what prying eyes are checking out the contents of your garage when the door is up.

There are lots of different types of garage, and some carry greater security risks than others. Usually, garages that are integrated into a property are fairly secure, particularly in comparison with detached garages at the end of a garden that’s accessible from a rear service road. These roads are seldom protected with security gates, and rarely overlooked.

Once an intruder has gained access to the garage, they will often be able to find their way into the garden and then into the main house, so taking steps to secure the garage is essential.

Take Care with Interconnecting Doors

Steps also need to be taken to secure attached or integral garages that have doors leading into the main house, not just from intruders, but from other risks such as fire. Interconnecting doors in new build properties will usually be fire resistant for at least 30 minutes, and self-closing, as per Building Regulations. However, whilst these doors will feel strong and heavy, you should not be fooled into thinking they are security doors as that is not how they would have been designed.

If you don’t live in a modern property and are concerned about whether your interconnecting garage door is fire resistant then you should invite a security professional to inspect it. They will also advise you on the best type of security door to install to keep your family safe in the event an intruder gains access into the garage through the main garage door, perhaps through force, or because it has accidentally been left open.

Good practice dictates that high quality, British Standards approved locks should be fitted to any external door and you should treat an integral garage door as such.

Securing Your Garage Doors

Up and over and roller shutter garage doors are specialist constructions and a DIY approach to improving their security really should be avoided. You may affect any warranty, and could damage the motor and safety mechanisms. Always take expert advice from the manufacturer or a security professional when considering boosting the security of any such doors.

Further Advice on Garage Security

If you have an intruder alarm system or CCTV fitted in your main property then consider extending it to the garage. Standalone alarm or CCTV systems are also an option, as are motion sensor lights. Take professional advice though, as false alarms on garages are common. A security expert will ensure your garage is fitted with a system that is designed specifically for purpose so as to avoid this.

Make sure you also pay attention to any opening windows and secure them with good quality window locks. If you never open them, it may pay to replace them with fixed windows.

Take steps to secure items within the garage. Lock power tools away in secure containers that are fixed to the floor and keep any flammable materials in suitable cases. Fit brackets to the wall or floor and chain any bicycles or motorcycles to them. You may wish to do the same with garden tools. Security mark property with a UV pen and record details and take photographs for ease of identification.

Whether your garage is attached to your property or detached at the end of the garden or in a nearby block, paying attention to securing it in the same way you would your home is vital. For professional advice on garage security that is tailored to your specific property, get in touch with the helpful experts at Barry Bros Security.

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