Security Advice: How to Protect Gardens and Outbuildings

Many people put a lot of effort into making their homes secure against crime.

Many people put a lot of effort into making their homes secure against crime. However, not so many put as much effort into securing their gardens and garden structures.

If you are proud of your garden, you’ve probably spent a lot of money on plants, materials and equipment. You won’t be happy if a would-be thief is thwarted from entering your house so turns attention to the garden shed instead, making off with that expensive lawn mower and a bagful of tools. 

There’s money in second-hand garden equipment, even if it’s just from car boot sales in the next county. Sometimes garden tools and ladders from sheds and elsewhere in the garden are used by burglars to help them access the house.

Desirable Items in Gardens: What Thieves Look For

What else do you keep in your shed? If you don’t have a garage, you might keep bicycles or a motorcycle in there. Do you use it for a gym to save space in the house, and have a rowing machine or other such equipment in there? Do you use it as a workshop? Hopefully you’re not one of the 20% of households that don’t bother to lock their garden sheds. But what kind of padlock do you have on it? Does it, and its fittings, meet the requirements of the relevant British Standards?

Perhaps you also have a summerhouse and keep items of garden furniture in it. They are not in use all year round, but you need to keep them dry and wouldn’t want to lose them. Summerhouses need to be locked up too.

In the garden itself you might have valuable plants and sculptures. Freestanding statues, pots and hanging baskets are all desirable items and easy to walk off with if gates and entrances are not locked and made secure.

Solutions from the Security Professionals

In our 60 years of helping people make their homes secure, we’ve seen all kinds of garden crime. We also have lots of solutions for preventing it and can advise on your many options for garden security. Depending on the value you place on what is outside your property, this could be padlocks and bolts or even security lights, alarms and CCTV. Get in touch for helpful advice that’s tailored to your needs or call in to our friendly London showroom.

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