How to Keep Intruders OUT of Your Goods-In Entrance

The contents of your warehouse could potentially account for a high proportion of your business assets, so it is vital that your ‘goods-in’ entrance is suitably protected, especially as it is in constant use.

Securing warehouse doors Goods In

The contents of your warehouse could potentially account for a high proportion of your business assets, so it is vital that your ‘goods-in’ entrance is suitably protected, especially as it is in constant use.

The threat of warehouse stock or equipment being compromised is very serious for a business. It could lead to devastating and very costly consequences. Keeping the premises protected by high security doors is of course vital, but what about the goods-in area which is constantly in use?

Goods-in doorways need to be accessible as well as secure. Fitting a highly robust door that takes forever to open and close just won’t be practical. The good news is that there are warehouse door solutions that will keep your premises safe, whilst providing the convenience your personnel need to carry out their day to day duties with the utmost of efficiency.

Sliding folding doors

Sliding folding doors are suitable for light to heavy duty commercial use and are one of the most popular warehouse security solutions.

The sliding action means the doors take up almost no space, so they are ideal for warehouses, factories and storage facilities with limited room, as well as allowing vehicles to approach as near as possible to the entrance.

Manufactured using robust materials such as galvanised steel or aluminium, and fitted with high security locks, these doors are rigid yet lightweight, and offer ease of use and access compared to hinged doors.

High speed warehouse doors

Time is of the essence when receiving goods-in, and a high speed roller shutter door will provide secure, safe and swift access for high traffic zones.

High speed motorised doors open and close quickly at the touch of a button or with the use of a fob. Because of their speed, there is less likelihood of a security breach. Heat loss is also minimised and, because they also reduce dust and noise, these doors will help your premises stay cleaner and quieter.

Features include motorised rapid roll up and long lasting steel fixtures. Windows and peepholes can also be incorporated into the doors.

Sectional overhead doors

If you are looking for reliability in high traffic areas, sectional overhead doors may provide the solution. These doors are robust and resilient, and open and close quickly for ease of access.

Perfect for loading bays and warehouses, sectional overhead doors can be manual or automatic in operation. The door is split into sections which run on vertical and horizontal tracks, feeding back into the warehouse. The doors rise vertically, with no loss of access in front of the loading bay or warehouse, providing full opening drive-in width.

Look for sectional doors that feature an anti-lift kit, to prevent them being lifted by intruders. There is also the option to fit a smart security system which allows you to conveniently operate your warehouse doors from a smart device. For added security, the digital control can be set to alert you when a warehouse door is partially open out of hours, so that you can take whatever steps are necessary to protect your premises.

Goods-in doors: important considerations

As you would expect, a single type, size or style of warehouse door will never fit all. It is vital to choose the right door for your industrial premises, based on individual needs, your premises type and your threat level. Advice from a security professional is essential.

It’s also important to make sure your goods-in doors are installed by experts, and that they are regularly maintained by a qualified engineer.

You can further bolster your warehouse security by layering up with a combined CCTV and access control system.

By connecting CCTV cameras with access control, you can keep tabs on who is coming in and out, and action a shutdown should anything untoward be detected. A system like this will also cross reference faces with access credentials, making it impossible for intruders to gain access using lost or stolen entry cards or fobs.

Exterior security lighting will also deter unauthorised personnel from accessing your open goods-in entrance in the winter months during the hours of darkness, as they are more likely to be spotted.

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