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Warehousing facilities, packed with stock, are prime targets for thieves, especially when that stock is of high value.

Warehousing facilities, packed with stock, are prime targets for thieves, especially when that stock is of high value. When planning your warehouse security, it is vital to consider all angles, bearing in mind that not all theft is down to external sources. Here we are taking a look at security measures specific to warehousing, including solutions designed to protect stock from the inside out.

Lighting things up

Most warehouse break-ins occur under cover of darkness when there are fewer onlookers and, an intruder’s favourite, reduced visibility. One of the most effective measures you can invest in as a warehouse manager is motion activated lighting.

Expertly positioned at vulnerable points around the perimeter of your premises, these lights will instantly drench the surroundings in bright light as soon as an intruder strays into their field of vision. Now in the spotlight, the intruder will be deterred enough to abort the break-in.

Recording the evidence

CCTV plays a triple role in warehouse security. Not only do CCTV cameras and warning signage act as a deterrent to would-be thieves, they also record crucial evidence for prosecutions AND act as valuable surveillance.

Some warehouse operators choose to employ onsite security guards. However, this can be an expensive investment and is not always practical, especially for premises spread over an extensive area. CCTV surveillance is a highly effective alternative, especially when connected to a remote, offsite monitoring station. With the cameras strategically positioned around the building, protection is provided continuously round the clock. At the first notion of a break-in, the police or another third party is alerted.

Raising the alarm

CCTV can be combined with motion activated lighting and an intruder alarm for the ultimate in multi-layered warehouse security.

Motion sensor alarms; tripwire alarms; manual panic buttons; alarms that alert the police or keyholders; hard-wired or wireless; traditional or internet-connected. The choices when it comes to intruder alarms are widespread, so it is vital to consult with security experts who have the knowledge to recommend the most appropriate solution for your specific needs and premises.

Be sure to choose an alarm provider accredited to standards such as National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold and British Standards EN ISO 9001 and whose alarm systems meet European and British Standards together with insurance requirements.

Controlling access

We mentioned earlier that theft from warehouses is not necessarily always from an external source. If you are serious about protecting your stock, you are going to have to accept that thefts can come from inside too. CCTV monitoring will of course assist with getting to the bottom of a mysteriously shrinking inventory, but access control will give your internal security a welcome boost.

There is no substitute for being fully in control of who is allowed to go where within your building. Access control systems not only restrict entry to particular areas to authorised personnel, they also provide a full audit trail of who was where and at what time.

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