How to Secure Your Server Room

From keeping a network up and running to storing sensitive data, backups and assets, servers play a critical role in streamlined business operations, which is why server room security is vitally important.

From keeping a network up and running to storing sensitive data, backups and assets, servers play a critical role in streamlined business operations, which is why server room security is vitally important. As well as being hugely relied upon, servers are also considerably expensive and constitute a major investment. So how to secure a server room to ensure it is as safe as possible?

Server room security

Server rooms are regulated by a variety of industry and data protection standards, and must meet certain environmental conditions in order to protect the equipment that’s stored within them, because crashes and failures could literally spell disaster for a business. Protecting against theft and malicious damage is also essential, which is why prioritising physical server room security is paramount.

Every business is different, and therefore server rooms will vary from one organisation to the next. Some will be small with a single cabinet, whilst others will house multiple racks of stacked machines. Whatever the setup, however, the importance of protecting the room and its contents cannot be over-emphasised. With this in mind, the following tips on securing a server room and preventing unlawful intrusion should prove helpful.

High security locks and access control

All server rooms should be fitted with high security locks which are preferably combined with access control. You will want to restrict server room access only to those who need it. Biometric technology, requiring fingerprint or facial recognition for entry, will overcome the risk of cloning that is associated with access cards and fobs.

Modern access control systems will provide you with the ability to set access permissions, as well as see a full audit trail of who has entered the server room and when. Monitoring this data is important too, so that any anomalies can be identified and investigated. Also make sure you have a strict process in place for revoking access for any members of staff who have left the organisation.

Never make the mistake of relying on older access control technology. This can prove weaker against modern hacking threats.

Also, be sure to engage the services of a National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold access control installation and maintenance specialist. Other than the fact that your insurance provider may demand it, you will draw benefit knowing that every installation comes with a Certificate of Competence, and that your installer will have the necessary expertise to deliver a solution that meets your individual requirements and level of risk.

CCTV surveillance for server room security

Close monitoring of your server room both inside and out is essential, especially if you are not running a biometric access control system and relying on the likes of security badges and cards that can easily be cloned or stolen. Is the person who appears to have security clearance actually who they say they are?

Monitoring via motion sensor-controlled CCTV will alert you or your security team to any unauthorised entry activity. Surveillance footage can be viewed via an app, either in real time or on demand. This allows you to keep track of and identify whoever has entered the server room, and is particularly useful out of hours.

CCTV can also be integrated with a fire alarm system and used to pinpoint the origin of the fire, which can help minimise damage.

Intruder alarms to prevent unauthorised server room entry

Intruder alarms can be fitted on your server room door, with motion sensors on the floors in the vicinity to detect unauthorised entry.

Only issue the alarm deactivation code to those within your organisation who need access to the server room, and be sure to change the code regularly, and definitely when a member of staff who knew the code leaves the company.

Smoke screens

Smoke screens are a viable option for out-of-hours server room security as the smoke will not harm the server equipment, or people. The smoke will reduce visibility down to around 30cm, so any intruder will find it challenging to find their way around. Disorientated, they are likely to leave as fast as they arrived.

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