A Guide to Perimeter Security Solutions for 2021

From drones and video surveillance to sensors and artificial intelligence, the array of technology related options to bolster perimeter security is on the up.

However, it is important not to overlook physical approaches, such as fencing, barriers and bollards in your mission to keep your property safeguarded against intruders. Let’s take a look at what’s on the table in the way of perimeter security for 2021.

Perimeter securityPreventing unauthorised access is a crucial aspect of protecting business assets. Perimeter security is the first line of defence, but there will never be a one size fits all solution. Every property is different, and faces varying levels of risk. When choosing suitable perimeter security solutions, factors such as the scope of the perimeter, environmental conditions, topography and any future expansion plans must be taken into account.

In a lot of cases, fencing or walls provide sufficient protection. But this is not always the case. In other situations, something more high level is called for, such as CCTV, thermal imaging cameras, drones, robot patrols, sensors and various other types of tracking and recording technology. And a multi-layered approach will always deliver a more robust solution.

These days, a lot of security technology is powered by artificial intelligence, making it capable of covering more ground faster, thanks to reducing the need for human intervention until threats are actually confirmed.

Let’s take a look at some leading edge examples of perimeter security…

Perimeter security lighting

Most perimeter intrusion attempts happen during the hours of darkness. So it stands to reason that night time needs an added layer of security. Step in perimeter security lighting.

Any security lighting that’s relied upon outdoors needs to be highly robust. There are some seriously innovative perimeter lighting solutions on the market these days. For example, systems with the ability to switch between white light and visible light as soon as movement is detected.

Perimeter security lighting works on a sensor basis, triggering in the event of motion or heat detection. It floods the area with light and acts as a serious deterrent, as well as boosting the effectiveness of CCTV recording and remote monitoring.

Perimeter security sensors

Sensors are a highly valuable facet of any perimeter security solution. Heat sensors, motion detection sensors and contact detection sensors play an important role in keeping intruders out. They work by sending signals to the security network, creating alerts or raising alarms so that a suitable response can be deployed.

Automated responses to pre-set criteria can also be programmed, such as the switching on of perimeter lighting, triggering of CCTV recording, the playing of a recorded audible warning message, locking down of entry or exit points, and the setting off of an audible alarm, which may or may not be linked to an alarm receiving centre. All of these actions have the effect of stopping an intruder in their tracks.

Perimeter intrusion detection systems

A perimeter intrusion detection system (PID) uses sensors or other types of devices to detect the presence of an intruder. Systems may be based on active or passive infrared detectors, break wire, electrostatic or magnetic fields, microphonic cables, seismic sensors and near-infra red beam breaks, amongst others. PIDs can be barrier mounted, ground mounted or free standing.

There is a huge variety of PID systems on the market, making comparison challenging. So it is always advisable to engage a security industry expert for specialist guidance when choosing this type of perimeter security. They will consider an array of factors, from the presence of obstacles to the level of protection required, as well as how the system can stand up to harsh environmental conditions.

What to consider when choosing a perimeter security solution?

As we’ve already touched upon, it is always advisable when choosing perimeter security to consult an expert. There is a great deal of choice, and what works for one set of premises may be completely unsuitable for another.

If you are looking into perimeter security, there are various important factors to consider…

Specific threats – your security risk assessment should reveal the types of threats your premises are at risk from. These could be, for example, the potential for an intruder to climb over a fence or wall, to cut through a fence, to ram walls or fences or to disarm CCTV.

Security level required – different types of property call for varying levels of security. If your business or organisation operates within a sensitive industry, for example government, medical, research or military, then the level of security you’ll need will be very high. If you handle or store valuable or potentially hazardous goods, then again you will need stronger security measures.

Current physical deterrents – what do you already have in place to protect your perimeter? Walls or fences? Do you need to protect the aesthetic integrity of the building, perhaps because it is in a Conservation Area or it’s a listed building, but you still need high security measures in place? The layout of the surroundings, the landscape and also environmental conditions all play a pivotal role in choosing the right perimeter security.

IT infrastructure – depending on the current technology systems you have in place, you may be able to make decisions on perimeter security that could keep your costs down, perhaps by choosing technologies that seamlessly integrate into existing systems. This is the idea scenario, because installing new networking infrastructure can be very expensive.

Maintenance – some perimeter security solutions can be relatively low cost to install, but when it comes to ongoing maintenance and upkeep, there could be high costs involved. Be sure to check what’s involved maintenance wise, and whether there are any ongoing subscriptions attached to the system.

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