How Drones are Making a Difference in Security

One of the top security trends highlighted for 2020 was the use of drones.

One of the top security trends highlighted for 2020 was the use of drones. One of the most pioneering innovations of the 21st century and perhaps considered the latest must-have gadget by many, drones in fact have a huge array of functions aside from general leisure and the outstanding aerial photography we see across so many TV channels these days.


Drones are for example widely used by the police to investigate the cause of accidents, and by train operators to identify faults that lead to delays. They are also widely used in the insurance industry in a number of ways, including improving the efficiency and accuracy of building inspections to aid claims. Online retailers are trialling drones as automated couriers; some airlines have been using them to conduct aircraft safety inspections, and in agriculture, drones are being used to monitor and manage livestock and crops.

It is safe to say that drones are changing many everyday processes, including in the security industry. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular uses when it comes to protecting people and places.

Threat response

When a security alarm is triggered, the drone system automatically despatches a drone to the alarm location and streams live video to the security team, allowing them to take whatever actions are necessary.

Intruders can be tracked as an escape is attempted, with recorded footage used to capture crucial identification data.

Security patrols

Drone systems can be programmed to deploy patrol missions on a repeat basis. Factors such as timings, altitude, duration and camera direction can all be pre-set in advance to suit the specific situation.

One of the most beneficial uses of drones is to patrol areas of vulnerability around premises, sending out alerts when unwanted activity is detected.

Drone patrols are also ideal for use during public events where crowd monitoring can be used to detect untoward behaviour so that it can be dealt with before it becomes a major issue. This is known as robotic AI intrusion detection (RAID), making use of artificial intelligence to pick up on behavioural anomalies.

But they are not just for special occasions; drones make a good alternative to regular human patrols, a much safer option where risks are high. This is especially useful in the event of major incidents such as fires or chemical leaks.

Drone autonomy

The powerful thing about drones is that they are able to operate self-sufficiently. Drones can take off and land by themselves, regardless of wind speeds, making use of infrared beacons, sound and motion sensors and cameras.

The drone base station is programmed to coordinate all the necessary actions, making use of machine learning to better understand the optimum situations in which to deploy the airborne machines. All data gathered is sent directly to the user’s firewall-protected cloud network to ensure its safety.

The drones themselves are protected by biometric ID systems to make sure they cannot be stolen or compromised. It takes just a matter of seconds for them to be deployed, and they can be fully controlled either by radio signals or a smart device.

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