Top Security Trends for 2020

As we head towards not just a new year, but also a new decade, it’s time to look at emerging security trends.

As we head towards not just a new year, but also a new decade, it’s time to look at emerging security trends. With help from recent studies by global market research firm Technavio and other expert reports, we are exploring what’s on the security horizon as we enter 2020.

Security trends 2020A recent report from global market research company Technavio has revealed the most important trends impacting the home security market throughout 2020, in particular the connected security market, otherwise known as smart security. Let’s take a look at what we should be factoring in to our future home and business security reviews as technology continues to evolve.

Remote arming

Fully connected home security systems that feature smart arming are becoming highly popular. The systems use sound and motion sensors to detect whether a home or business premises is empty, prompting the alarm to be set either automatically, or manually via a smartphone app.

Notifications can also be sent directly from the smart device to emergency services by SMS, telephone or email should anything untoward be remotely detected.

Security drones

Small drones flying at an altitude of 20 feet are already being used to capture vital identification information of a potential intruder or attacker.

The drones themselves are protected with biometric ID systems so they cannot be taken over or stolen. They are able to be deployed in as little as 20 seconds and are controlled using radio signals or via a smartphone.

If there is an attempted or successful break-in, a drone can be launched to capture vital footage of the intruder as they attempt their escape; footage that could not be captured by a ground-based CCTV camera. Drones are also being used for aerial crowd monitoring, relaying footage that would otherwise go unnoticed on the ground, allowing for much greater scope of observation.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is having an impact on all corners of technology and across many industry sectors, including security.

This is set to continue as smart sensors are integrated into security networks. The collection and analysis of the data collected by these sensors is opening the way for all sorts of highly beneficial applications such as smart building management, which is one of the top security trends for 2020.

In terms of physical security, there are numerous advantages brought about by the additional intelligence that IoT technology makes available, such as ease of emergency situation management and situational awareness.

Artificial intelligence

Whilst video and data analysis have been around for a while now, compared to today’s smart systems that use artificial intelligence (AI), they can be considered quite basic.

Artificial intelligence is making use of the likes of facial recognition to increase the accuracy and quality of camera recordings, and is being used to process the huge amounts of data that are generated by smart sensors.

Typical CCTV systems are limited to analysing a crime only after it has been committed. Whilst there may be plenty of cameras, there may not be enough people to watch all the feeds and scan the content. AI can overcome this limitation by analysing footage and detecting anomalies in real time, alerting operators to issues so that criminal acts can be prevented, or dealt with quickly as they occur. AI is also being used in access control systems, crowd monitoring and task automation.

Artificial intelligence in security is quite a lengthy topic in itself, and one we will cover in a dedicated future post.

5G connectivity

5G is set to revolutionise internet connectivity. The boosted speed and additional bandwidth will make mobile devices faster, a great deal more powerful and way more connected.

These benefits will also apply to IoT connected devices such as security cameras and sensors, which will significantly empower the security landscape as a whole. With more and more internet enabled devices connected to each other, so our ability to control and monitor movement and detect anomalies will heighten.

Looking to the future of security

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