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Barry Bros Security: Making the Grade in Many Ways

Jun 01, 2016

Barry Bros Security is one of West London’s longest serving independently run businesses. Our high standards, personalised service and tailored advice have been an integral part of our fabric since 1945 when our main bread and butter work was bicycle and gramophone repairs.

Over the years, our standards have remained the highest they can possibly be, and proof of this can be seen in our extensive bank of official accreditations. You may have seen our selection of badges at the bottom of our website, but it occurred to us that it may not be clear what they all mean. So we’re dedicating this post to explaining just that. (more…)

Security in Food Production: How IP CCTV is Taking the Reins

May 12, 2016

In a recent post about some of the more versatile uses of CCTV, we touched upon its use as a security measure in food production. In this post we are going to expand upon the issues of security in this sector, offering a range of solutions for this very specialised and sensitive area of manufacturing.

As we discussed previously, food production demands very high levels of security so that consumer confidence can be bolstered. When combined with access control and intruder detection, CCTV forms a very sophisticated method of controlling admission and, for those operating 24-hour production, there is the major advantage of being able to monitor round the clock from any location using an IP based system. (more…)

Precious Metals: How to Prevent Copper & Lead Theft

May 05, 2016

In a recent post we published about protecting vacant property, we mentioned how copper piping and wiring and lead flashing can attract thieves, and to ensure steps are taken to protect any that is on the property.

There are various means of protecting a property from metal theft, which we are discussing in this post. (more…)

CCTV: Not Just for Crime Prevention

Apr 22, 2016

Following on from our post last month about the lesser known benefits of CCTV, this time around we are going to expand upon the point we touched on concerning the fact that CCTV is not just for crime prevention.

As we said, CCTV can be used for all sorts of other applications. From staff training and monitoring through to surveys, analysis, safety and production control as well as protection from fraudulent claims, there are a great deal of benefits that CCTV can offer. Here is just a selection of them. (more…)

Tips on Securing Vacant Property

Apr 11, 2016

If you are responsible for a property that you have inherited, or one that is under your wing as an executor, or you are refurbishing a house or are a landlord with a property vacant between tenancies, you will need to pay special attention to security measures whilst your property is vacant.

Vacant properties naturally find themselves at a higher risk security wise. Vandalism, arson and theft are unfortunately very real threats, as is unauthorised entry. The good news is that there are various security measures you can employ in order to boost the security of an empty house. (more…)

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