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Ten Ways to Secure Your Home This Winter

Jan 06, 2017

With so few hours of daylight, it is no wonder winter is well known as a burglar’s favourite time to be on the lookout for opportunities to make their move. The thing is, a burglar is never a fan of a challenge, so they will always be scanning for easy pickings. Homes that have security flaws are prime targets for burglars, so take some time now and make sure yours isn’t one of them by following these tips. (more…)

How to Make Your Door Your Best Form of Defence When it Comes to Security

Dec 14, 2016

The doors to your property are the very things that stand between you and the outside world, and of course one of the key things that must protect you from unwanted intruders. For this reason, your doors must not be anything other than your strongest form of defence.

In this post we will take a look at various ways to ensure your doors are suitably protecting you, your loved ones and your property. (more…)

Restricted Key Systems and High Security Locks: The Best Form of Defence for Residential Letting Agents

Dec 01, 2016

Last month we looked at security solutions for commercial property management companies. Of course, a quality security programme is vital for any type of premises including those let to residential tenants.

If you are in the business of acting as managing agent for residentially let properties including multi-tenanted blocks and HMOs, two of the most vital elements of your security armoury should be high security locks and registered keys. As far as locks are concerned, we will look at these in a future post so that we can focus our attention fully in this blog on registered keys. (more…)

Keeping Guests And Staff Safe: Security Solutions for Hotels & Inns

Nov 11, 2016

It was estimated that over 35,000 foreign tourists would visit Britain this year. Combine this with domestic tourism and it is no surprise that regional hotels are continuing to experience strong growth and record occupancy levels.

Of course this boost to UK tourism opens up an array of considerations and tasks for tourist accommodation managers and owners, one of the most important of which has to be security. Keeping guests safe and assets protected has to be high on the priority list after all. (more…)

Security Solutions for Property Management Companies

Nov 07, 2016

If you are in property management then you will know the importance of making sure the building you run will prove to be the perfect property for businesses to settle into long term.

Premises let out to commercial tenants need to be attractive in many ways, not least when it comes to being secure. That feeling of reassurance goes a long way, and this can readily be gained by looking towards today’s electronic security solutions which will not only help you attract the best tenants, but will also help enhance the value of your property. (more…)

Now is the time to spring clean your business security! Here's how... #springclean
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