The Top 7 Deterrents for Burglars

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. When it comes to home security, if you can find a way to deter an intruder or thief, then you won’t have to deal with the fallout from an attempted break-in, which can be time consuming and costly. With this in mind, we’re taking a look at seven of the top deterrents for burglars, some of them reported by ex-convicts themselves.

burglar deterrents for home security

1.     CCTV

Considered the biggest deterrent by thieves in a Co-Op Home Insurance survey, CCTV cameras are a major put-off. Thieves are more than aware that today’s smart CCTV cameras are primed and ready to send instant alerts to owners’ smart phones to let them know that there is something untoward going on. But the fact that there is the potential for recorded evidence to assist in a prosecution is perhaps the greatest turn-off.

2.     Smart security

Smart security systems offer the ultimate in convenience, and they are also considered a major deterrent by thieves. 89 per cent of the Co-Op survey panel stated that they would veer away from targeting a smart home, and 67 per cent said they would avoid attempting to take a connected car.

3.     Lighting

Security lighting is an effective deterrent. Shining a light on a potential intruder is a great way to bring them out of the shadows. Outdoor sensor lighting that comes on automatically once movement is detected is one option, as is dusk till dawn lighting that stays on outside during the hours of darkness. Timer plugs that switch lamps on when it gets dark are a great way to fool a would-be intruder into thinking someone’s home, as are TV light simulators. Our guide to getting the most out of your security lighting is well worth a read to help you choose the best lighting to suit your needs.

4.     Locked windows

A locked window will usually prove too much of a challenge for a burglar. In fact, opportunist intruders are known to bypass locked windows and move on to easier targets, in other words, open windows. So be sure to close your windows when you leave the house and don’t leave ground floor windows or those over flat roofs open during the night.

5.     Secure boundaries

A sound fence or boundary wall will be too much like hard work for an intruder, especially if it is bordered by thorny or prickly planting. Boundaries sporting gaps or falling down and easily penetrable however will likely attract unwanted attention. Deterrent fence or wall toppers are even more of a turn-off; however there are legal considerations to bear in mind when fitting these.

6.     Nowhere to hide

It takes time to penetrate a property, and if an intruder can work undercover then all the better for them. Homes with doors or windows that are obscured by overgrown plantation give intruders the cover they need, especially if the property is located in a quiet street and not overlooked, so be sure to keep any vegetation well-trimmed, or clear it altogether.

7.     Neighbourhood Watch

Properties in a Neighbourhood Watch zone feature low on a burglar’s hit list because they know that the community and the local police are working together with a view to reducing crime in the local area. If there is no group currently operating in your neighbourhood, why not start one yourself?

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Thieves are known opportunists and will avoid challenging break-ins in favour of easier targets. Deterrents should therefore form a vital part of your home security armoury.

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