Data Centre Security: Protecting Vital Uptime

In the digital realm, where every second of uptime matters, the importance of safeguarding data centres cannot be over-emphasised.

In the digital realm, where every second of uptime matters, the importance of safeguarding data centres cannot be over-emphasised. In a data centre, the stakes are not just measured in the data itself, but in the uninterrupted flow of critical information that powers the interconnected world that we have all come to rely on.

As businesses head towards a digital-first landscape, the fortification of data centres is becoming increasingly important, guarding not just against physical threats but the relentless ticking of the ‘uptime clock’.

Responsible for data centre security? Join us as we explore the layers of security that are paramount to protecting against the growing threats that could compromise the crucial digital infrastructure.

Data Centre Security

The importance of data centre security

Data centres are home to expansive volumes of sensitive and critical information. Protecting from unauthorised access, theft or tampering is a considerable responsibility for a number of reasons.

Business continuity – continuous uptime is essential for all but the minority of businesses. Security measures protect against disruption, ensuring ongoing operations and preventing financial losses for those businesses that rely on your data centre.

Client trust – the more robust the security measures in the data centre and the better your commitment to safeguarding sensitive information, the greater the level of trust and loyalty you will experience amongst your clients.

Compliance – every organisation in the UK must adhere to strict regulatory standards surrounding data protection, and there are specific additional standards that apply within the regulated sector, such as finance and law.

Safeguarding intellectual property – data centres are often used by businesses to store intellectual property. Security safeguards are therefore vital to protect these assets from compromise.

Cyber threat mitigation – data centres can be prime targets for cyber threats, including malware, ransomware and hacking. Security measures are crucial to defend against these risks.

Financial implications – data security breaches can lead to considerable financial repercussions, including legal costs and regulatory fines, both for the data centre itself, and the organisations it serves. Robust security measures will help mitigate these risks.

Reputational damage – data breaches can be highly damaging reputation wise. Strong data centre security helps preserve brand image and instil customer confidence.

What physical security measures can data centres implement?

There are various security measures that lend themselves to protecting data centres.

Access control and high security locks

As well as high security insurance approved locks which are a vital necessity for data centres, access control will provide an added layer of security.

Access control systems ensure only authorised personnel are able to enter data centres. Biometric authentication via iris, fingerprint or facial recognition offers the highest level of protection as these credentials are unique. Entry cards, fobs and PIN codes are prone to loss, theft or compromise.

Combining access control with CCTV adds an extra layer of security, especially when artificial intelligence is introduced into the equation. AI removes the need for human monitoring of access points and can be trained to detect anomalies, such as tailgating.

The most sophisticated access control systems allow tiered access permissions to be set, and provide an audit trail showing who entered particular zones within the data centre and when. Permissions can be revoked at any time, such as when members of staff leave.

Top tip: Always use a National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold accredited specialist to install your access control system. Aside from the fact that it may be a requirement of your insurance provider, you will be reassured that every installation comes with a Certificate of Competence, and that your installer will possess the expertise required to design a system that meets your individual requirements and risk level.

CCTV surveillance and intruder alarms

Motion sensor controlled CCTV will monitor the data centre for unauthorised access, relaying alerts and triggering an alarm when anomalies are detected.

CCTV analytics, powered by artificial intelligence, make it possible to recognise patterns, detect unusual behaviours and identify potential security risks without any need for human intervention. CCTV integrated with this technology is therefore an efficient and cost effective way to safeguard data centres.

It is also possible to integrate sensor systems and cameras with climatic monitoring to keep track of environmental conditions.

Temperature and humidity controls are vital within data centres to ensure optimal equipment performance. Should ideal conditions be breached, artificial intelligence-driven automations such as triggering the air conditioning will kick in to bring everything back to where it should be, or managers will be alerted so that they can make manual changes.

Smoke screens

Smoke screens work well as an out-of-hours data centre security measure.

Smoke does not harm technical equipment, or people. The smoke works by reducing visibility down to around 30cm, so any intruder will find it difficult to navigate the premises.

Disaster recovery strategies

For maximum protection, data centre security should also encompass disaster recovery planning. Think – how would you continue to guarantee uptime in the event of a disaster?

Backup strategies, alternative power systems, offsite storage and processes to ensure data availability in the case of emergency situations are vital aspects of data centre security that should not be overlooked.

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