Common Security Myths: Debunked

When you’re thinking about home security, it’s easy to be swayed by common myths; but are these myths simply misconceptions, and just how risky could it be if you were to take them all on face value? Life is rife with myths and fabrications.

When you’re thinking about home security, it’s easy to be swayed by common myths; but are these myths simply misconceptions, and just how risky could it be if you were to take them all on face value?

Security myths and misconceptions

Life is rife with myths and fabrications. But when it comes to home security, believing everything you hear can be very risky. In this post, we’re exploring common misconceptions about security systems, with the aim of helping you make better informed decisions about protecting your home.

Myth 1: My neighbourhood is safe, so why do I need a home security system?

Even in what are considered the safest places to live in the UK, such as Norfolk, North Yorkshire, Devon and Cornwall, Surrey, and Hertfordshire, crime is not non-existent. Complacency can be risky, especially if it means not being on your guard against the type of crime that could lead to your property being targeted by intruders or vandals.

If there are ten homes on a street, and nine of them have an intruder alarm and/or CCTV fitted, and one of them doesn’t, we can guess which would be the obvious target. Whilst it may not be as likely in a low crime area, it is still a possibility, and a home security system will provide protection against unexpected events.

Myth 2: One security measure is enough

Many people are of the opinion that a single security measure is sufficient to protect their property. For example, some will believe that if they have an intruder alarm, then they won’t need CCTV or security lighting.

The fact is, the various types of security systems all work hand in hand, and layering up directly improves the effectiveness of the home’s overall security because each element offers its own benefits.

For example, whilst an intruder alarm will be effective in alerting you or the emergency services to a break in, CCTV will help deter crime as well provide vital evidence.

In addition, security lighting will again act as a deterrent, whilst providing valuable cover during the hours of darkness. And with 60% of all burglaries taking place during the evening or night time, lighting is definitely one of the best burglar deterrents.

Myth 3: My own DIY-installed security is just as good as any professionally installed system

With the advent of plug and play smart home security, it would appear that many householders have come to believe that there is no need for a professionally installed system.

However, whilst plug and security has its merits, there is never going to be any substitute for a fully tailored, professionally installed system.

Every property is different, and threat levels will vary from one area to another. This makes a personalised security survey very valuable, in that you will be given recommendations that specifically address your needs.

What’s more, professional installation, maintenance and monitoring offers that added layer of reassurance, and you may also find that it is a condition of your home contents insurance.

For complete peace of mind, look for a Master Locksmiths Association approved locksmith for any lock related installations, and a National Security Inspectorate Gold approved company for intruder alarms and CCTV.

Myth 4: Security systems are too expensive

There is more than one option when it comes to security, and you will find a range of solutions to suit varying budgets, so cost doesn’t necessarily have to be prohibitive.

An independent security professional will have access to a comprehensive range of products, and will usually be able to make recommendations that fit with what you can afford.

It is wise to consider home security as an investment rather than a cost, and also think about how much it could save you compared to the potential losses associated with security incidents.

Myth 5: Security systems are high maintenance

Whilst security systems do benefit from regular maintenance, an annual service by a security professional will more often than not be sufficient to keep it fully operational.

Modern security systems are designed for ease of use, and require minimal user maintenance.

Myth 6: I’m not tech savvy, so I won’t get along with a home security system

The simplicity of modern home security systems is one of their redeeming features. The likes of intruder alarms and CCTV are now designed to be user friendly and intuitive, as well as being backed by comprehensive support.

Opting for a professional installation will afford you the added benefit of a helpful demonstration, and a good security company will always be on hand to provide guidance when you need it. They will also help you choose a security system that you are comfortable using.

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