Top 7 Burglar Deterrents to Keep Your Property Safe from Crime

Burglary claims hundreds of victims every year and can take a huge emotional and financial toll on families, which makes it vital to know how to deter burglars and stop them from targeting your home.

Burglary claims hundreds of victims every year and can take a huge emotional and financial toll on families, which makes it vital to know how to deter burglars and stop them from targeting your home.

Burglar deterrents

According to the government’s Crime Survey for England and Wales, three in five burglaries are successful, leaving the average victim with losses of around £3,000.

It therefore makes a lot of sense to know the best ways to deter burglars from attempting a break-in.

1. Visible alarm systems

An intruder alarm should head up your priority list if you are looking to prevent break-ins. It’s a top deterrent for burglars, after all, who would want to break in knowing that everyone in the area will be alerted to their attempt?

Research shows that there are fewer thefts in areas with more security alarms fitted. And according to the police, 84% of burglars avoid any home with a visible burglar alarm.

Don’t fall into the trap of putting up a dummy alarm box, however. Former burglars have reported that experienced thieves know the difference, and that a dummy alarm could even work against you by indicating that you are skimping on security.

2. CCTV cameras

According to 12 burglars surveyed by the Co-op, CCTV is the biggest deterrent for home thieves.

Visible security cameras are one of the best ways to reduce the chances of your home being targeted by intruders. In addition to this, if there is a successful break-in, then the security camera footage can be used as evidence to prosecute the criminals.

Providing you follow the correct CCTV installation procedures, and position the cameras to cover the most vulnerable areas of your home, you should draw significant benefit from this security measure. And if you go for a smart CCTV system, you’ll be able to monitor what’s going on at home from wherever you are via an internet connected device.

3. Locked doors and windows

70% of burglaries involve the offender entering the property through an unlocked door, with almost 60% targeting the front door, and 30% a window.

It comes as a surprise then that many people never lock their home up when they go out, paving the way for opportunistic thieves to gain entry. And not only is it important to lock your doors and windows when you go out. With more than 50% of domestic burglaries happening when someone is at home, it’s vital that you keep things locked when you are indoors too.

Locked windows and doors are a deterrent for burglars, who would prefer to pass them by and move on to the next property that provides easier access.

Be sure to secure ALL the doors in your property, including the front door, back door, garage and shed doors and garden gates. Remember that securing doors and windows doesn’t just mean locking them. Ensuring they are in tip top condition and robust enough to sustain an attack will make them your best form of defence.

4. Thorny borders

Strategically chosen and positioned planting can create an effective barrier to help deter intruders, with the added benefit of enhancing the landscape.

Anything that’s thorny or spiky is likely to make burglars think twice about attempting to access a property, with the fear of cutting themselves or tearing clothing and leaving DNA or evidence behind all too much.

Here’s how to choose the right defensive planting and use it to your best advantage.

5. Lighting

60% of all burglaries take place during the evening or night time, specifically between 6pm and 6am. Which makes lighting one of the best deterrents.

Motion activated or dusk till dawn exterior security lights will provide cover outside, whilst interior lighting on a timer, or switched on remotely via a smart home control system app, will give the impression someone is home when the house is empty. Varying the times at which the lighting comes on will make it more of a challenge for burglars to work out whether there’s a routine in place.

The sight of a switched-on TV through a window is a top intruder deterrent.

6. Barking dog

The sound of a barking dog is one of the biggest deterrents to a burglar who is trying to break in undetected.

Even if you don’t have a dog, you could fake it by putting up a ‘beware of the dog’ sign somewhere prominent. Whilst this isn’t a totally fool proof solution, it may make burglars think twice before trying to access your property. 

7. Gravel

Burglars don’t want to draw attention, so anything that will alert the homeowner to their presence has to be a good deterrent.

Gravel is noisy to walk on, and there is no way to avoid making a sound. It can often be enough to put off an opportunistic burglar if they think they’ll be detected.

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