The Importance of Architectural Ironmongery in Building Design

From multi-storey commercial buildings, to small residential properties, there are few properties that cannot be improved with architectural ironmongery.

From multi-storey commercial buildings, to small residential properties, there are few properties that cannot be improved with architectural ironmongery. Here we take a look at the meaning of architectural ironmongery, and how an architectural ironmonger can help improve the design and regulatory compliance of a building.

Architectural ironmongery

What is architectural ironmongery?

Architectural ironmongery is the name given to products manufactured for architectural needs within a building. These include the likes of door furniture and bolts, locks and latches, hinges, escape hardware and signage, window fittings, electric hardware, access control systems and mailboxes, to name just a few.

There is a considerable amount of skill involved in choosing ironmongery products for a building in order to finish it to fire, safety and insurance standards, and for it to work aesthetically too. Architects, interior designers and building contractors all have their own areas of expertise. Combining this with the knowledge of an architectural ironmonger helps to bring everything together.

How do architectural ironmongers help building developers?

Architectural ironmongers help building designers in a variety of ways. These include:

Assessing and improving security

Door hinges, window fittings and locks all form part of the detail of a building that’s essential to its security. Ironmongery quality is vital, because it reduces the risk of failure. Products, and the way in which they are made, must adhere to stringent industry standards, guidelines and testing, and an architectural ironmonger will ensure that is the case.

Ensuring design consistency

Architects and interior designers will often focus on the high impact elements of a building. But detail matters too. Architectural ironmongery is all about choosing the right accessories and materials in order to strengthen consistency in design, and to fit in with the defined style of the property. It is quite often one of the most far reaching ways to add an element of class to a building, without compromising on the essential regulatory requirements.

Supporting safety regulations

Architectural ironmongery also plays a crucial role in ensuring safety regulations are followed. The expertise of an architectural ironmonger in making sure the likes of fire and structural safety regulations are followed cannot be over-emphasised. Integrating these elements into the building design plan at an early stage will help ensure regulatory compliance is factored in from the ground up, rather than added as an afterthought.

Are architectural ironmongers accredited?

The architectural ironmongery industry is regulated by the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI). This is an organisation that promotes good practice in the sector, supporting it in many ways and providing training across all aspects of ironmongery.

Most reputable architectural ironmongers are members of the GAI, which is the only trade body to represent the best interests of the entire industry in the UK.

Using a GAI member for architectural ironmongery services means you have full peace of mind that you’ll be receiving the highest levels of professional advice and industry standards. This is particularly important, because needs will vary greatly, from the basic requirements of a residential property through to highly demanding needs of large public buildings with complex access control and escape requirements.

Architectural ironmongery expertise from Barry Bros Security

At Barry Bros Security, we have made the internationally renowned and respected Guild of Architectural Ironmongers education and training programme part of our own training schedule for engineers and showroom personnel.

We offer a comprehensive range of architectural ironmongery services for residential and commercial customers, as well as serving the construction industry with a variety of Special Application ironmongery.

As we are GAI members, you’ll have total reassurance that the advice you receive is of the highest calibre, and that all work carried out is fully compliant with current standards.

For assistance with your next building development project, you are welcome to get in touch.

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