How to Choose the Right Key Cabinet for Your Business

There are many types of key cabinets available, and a number of things to consider when choosing the right one for your needs.

Key Cabinets

Key cabinets are a vital security solution for businesses, used for storing multiple sets of keys safely and also for keeping them in order. There are many types of key cabinets available, and a number of things to consider when choosing the right one for your needs. Here we take a look at the various options for different requirements.

Key cabinets are an effective way to prevent unauthorised access to buildings, rooms and vehicles. When choosing a key cabinet, it is important to ensure your specific key storage needs and security risk are taken into consideration.

Where are key cabinets used?

Key cabinets are used in a host of industries. Estate agents, landlords, offices, vacation rentals, vehicle hire, car showrooms, hospitals, schools and retail outlets are just some examples.

From small businesses to multi-national organisations with multiple sites, with key cabinets ranging in capacity from 20 to 3000 keys, there will be a solution for every need.

What are the different types of key cabinets?

Smaller key cabinets, for example those with a capacity of up to 50 keys, are usually made from mild steel and are secured with a key or hasp lock. For smaller quantities of keys, a cabinet without numbering and with fixed hooks is usually sufficient. As you go up in quantity, however, it may be helpful to have hooks with numbers, or a colour coded system.

Larger key cabinets, also known as system key storage, have the added benefit of adjustable hooks for improved flexibility for bigger keys or keys in bunches. These will often provide a colour coded numbering system, and will usually accommodate up to 600 keys. Some will feature extra wide hooks and deeper bodies for larger bunches of keys, particularly useful for real estate and automotive businesses.

Wall mountable, heavy duty key cabinets made from thick steel are perfect for organisations in the automotive industry, providing added security and protection against keyless car theft.

Key cabinets with deposit slots are ideal if you want people to deposit keys without being able to access the rest of the keys inside, for example in a holiday lodge site office or a vehicle rental office where customers are returning keys.

Electronic keypad or biometric locking key cabinets can be programmed to only allow access to certain individuals, and access to particular members of staff can be blocked if necessary, for example in the event of them leaving the organisation. It is also possible to record an audit trail with this type of key cabinet so that you can monitor the release of keys by user and date/time. Some will show the information on a screen on the front of the key cabinet, whilst others will allow you to connect the cabinet via USB to a computer so that you can download the information you need.

Simpler options include key and combination lock operated models. If you want to ensure your key cabinet doors are less likely to be left unlocked, choose a slam-shut model.

For a more sophisticated level of security, key cabinets fitted with euro cylinder locks are a good choice. These locks can be keyed alike to match other locks within your organisation so that there is no need for staff to carry multiple keys for multiple uses. There is also the option to go for double bitted key locks that trigger the release of a robust three-way bolting system, such as those found on security safes.

If you have significant key storage requirements, then you may wish to consider a floor standing key storage cabinet. There are models that will store up to 3,000 keys, but they are very heavy and some will only be suitable for ground floor locations, depending on their construction.

Finally, an outdoor key safe can prove very useful if you are looking to control access to keys but need to make them accessible from outside the premises. Typical scenarios in which key safes are used include where carers are making home visits to patients who are unable to answer the door; where cleaners, gardeners or contractors require access to a vacant property, and for vacation rentals where the owner is unable to meet the guests in person on their arrival.

Expert advice on choosing the right key cabinet to suit your needs, from Barry Bros Security

There is a vast array of choice when it comes to key cabinets and, depending on your individual needs and security risk, there will be varying considerations to bear in mind when choosing the right model.

At Barry Bros Security, our experts are on hand in our London showroom to guide you through the choices on offer, and to help you select the right key cabinet to suit your individual requirements. We also offer a professional installation service for all types of key cabinet and key safe.

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