A Buyer’s Guide to Front Door Entry Systems

Your front door is your first line of defence when it comes to home security.

Your front door is your first line of defence when it comes to home security. We’ve provided guidance in the past on making your door the best form of defence, but there’s something that can really boost up safety within your home by creating a barrier between you and whoever is outside, and that is a front door entry system.

Front door intercom systems offer convenience, as well as an added layer of security. If for example your front door is located quite a distance from your living room or your home office, you may find that it becomes tiresome having to trek to the door to check who is there. An intercom system removes this hassle, whilst taking away the need to physically open the door in order to see who is there. After all, it may be the case that not every visitor is a welcome one.

What types of front door entry system are there?

There are many different types of front door intercom system to choose from. It is advisable to choose one that fits with your property type and lifestyle, your security needs and of course your budget. From simple intercom kits with handsets and optional monitors through to wireless systems that integrate with your CCTV, access control and intruder alarm system for the ultimate in peace of mind, there is something to suit everyone.

Audio and video door intercoms

For many homes, especially apartments, a simple audio system with a handset and door entry control is usually sufficient. Adding a monitor so you can actually see who is at the door rather than just hear them adds a further layer of security. These systems are generally very simple to use, which is good news if you are keen to have one installed to help protect an elderly or vulnerable relative.

Telephone door entry systems

If you live in a gated dwelling then a telephone door entry system would probably better suit you. The system links up with your landline or mobile, either of which is alerted when someone calls at the gate. You are then able to activate the gate to open using your telephone keypad.

WiFi video doorbells

WiFi-powered door entry systems that connect with your smart device are becoming an increasingly popular choice with options such as Ring and SkyBell dominating the market.

These systems work via a smartphone app. They allow remote monitoring of your doorstep area, as well as the ability to unlock the door should you deem it safe to do so.

You get to speak to whoever is at the door whether or not you are at home, and in some cases, depending on the model, regardless of whether they actually rang the doorbell courtesy of a motion alert feature that lets you know someone is outside. Night vision allows the system to be used around the clock.

For those with mobility issues, these devices are ideal, because you don’t even have to get up from your chair to check who is at the door.

Integrated door entry systems

Multi-layered security solutions will always deliver the highest levels of protection for any property.

It is possible to integrate an audio or video door entry system with access control, intruder alarms and CCTV and, whilst these are mostly used in commercial environments, there is nothing to say they can’t be installed in a domestic property, especially those that may be more vulnerable to intrusion perhaps because they are located in more highly coveted neighbourhoods.

Specialist advice on front door entry systems from Barry Bros Security

When purchasing a front door entry system, it is always wise to consult with a security expert who will visit your property and make recommendations based on your individual circumstances.

At Barry Bros Security we offer an extensive array of front door entry and intercom systems with something to suit all needs and budgets. For tailored advice, you are welcome to visit our London showroom, or give us a call.

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