When was the last time you upgraded your home security system? Technology is advancing at warp speed, and what was the best buy a few years back is likely to have been overtaken with newer alternatives boasting more advanced features. With this in mind, here are our three top reasons why you should be thinking about upgrading your home security system.

1.     Older technology is easier to compromise

Home security systemThe longer your security system has been in use, the more likely it is a seasoned intruder will have found a way to breach it. Whether it’s an alarm system, CCTV or a locking system, chances are if it’s based on a technology that’s been around for a while then someone somewhere will have discovered how to get past it.

Older locks are particularly susceptible to compromise. Today’s locks are designed to be bump-proof, with PAS certification providing the reassurance that doors are equipped with locking systems and door hardware that will resist bumping. Because PAS standards have improved significantly over the years, it is vital to check anything you’ve had installed prior to 2012. Anything earlier than 2008 will very likely need upgrading to bring it in line with today’s security standards.

In addition, older alarm systems that have not been subject to regular servicing can suffer from circuit malfunctions that leave them vulnerable to compromise.

2.     Newer technology is built more robustly

Modern manufacturing and design methods aim to resolve the issues that have become apparent with various security products.

Alarm siren boxes for example have traditionally been susceptible to the effects of constant exposure to the elements. Circuit boards in older units tend to be affected by damp conditions. However, newer models are designed to enclose the circuit board in its own self-contained box so that it is protected from damp.

When it comes to CCTV, modern systems are designed to operate effectively through a greater temperature and humidity range than older models, plus they are constructed to better stand up to environmental conditions, which means they will serve you longer and perform much more reliably.

3.     Today’s technology is better connected – and way more flexible

Being able to control your home with a tap of an app has become second nature, and smart security is just one of the aspects that forms part of today’s connected home.

Connected smart CCTV camera systems sync to smartphones, making it possible to keep an eye on your property around the clock, wherever you are. The cameras record footage, sound alarms and even detect fires.

Smart CCTV camera systems are totally portable too, so you can move them around and take them with you should you relocate. Probably the best feature is that you can monitor your home remotely, and even answer the door from your smartphone when you’re out.

Smart alarm systems are more flexible than traditional alarm systems. They are designed to work zone by zone, giving you total control over where you want the alarm to be active at any given time. So you could for example activate the alarm downstairs only, whilst you are cleaning upstairs. Smart alarm systems can be configured to recognise residents and pets so that alarms only sound when someone unidentified enters. In other words, complete flexibility.

Modern Home Security Systems from Barry Bros Security

At Barry Bros Security, we may have been operating for over 60 years, but there is certainly nothing old about the security solutions we sell. In fact, we are proud to stock a huge variety of some of the most cutting edge security products available on the market today.

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