Conservatory Security Tips: Securing Your Extra Living Space

If you are looking to add space to your property without the disruption of a full-on home extension project, you may be considering a conservatory.

If you are looking to add space to your property without the disruption of a full-on home extension project, you may be considering a conservatory. You may even already have one. Whether you’re at the planning stage or already enjoying a conservatory, the following advice on securing your additional living space should prove most beneficial.

Conservatories are a very popular way to extend living space. They are attractive, light and airy and don’t cost nearly as much as a ‘proper’ extension. A conservatory is perfect for enjoying the garden from the comfort of your armchair and can be used for anything from a second lounge or a dining area to a children’s playroom or entertainment room.

The conservatory, being part of the house, should not be treated any differently in terms of security. It is unfortunate, but conservatories can act as attractive targets for burglars who tend to consider them an easy route into the main part of a property.

The good news however is there are a number of conservatory security measures that will help protect your home from unwanted intruders whilst you enjoy the delights of your new living space. So whether you are planning a new conservatory or you already have one and are looking for advice on boosting its security, read on.


It tends to be conservatories of low value construction that are targeted by intruders so, above all, be sure to invest in a quality build and professional installation courtesy of a reputable conservatory company. Ask for recommendations and take your time researching reputations by way of online reviews on independent websites such as Trustpilot, Google and Reevoo.

Also be sure to request evidence that the conservatory will meet benchmark security standards including British Standards 7950 and 7412. These cover glazing security, mechanical loading and human intervention.


It is advisable when adding a conservatory to retain the existing back doors if these are insurance compliant, high security final exit doors. This will add a second layer of security to your newly added room. If you can, try to refrain from the romantic idea of replacing them with an arched entryway or glass panelled doors that are more for show than anything else. Security above interior design is the wisest approach.

Additionally, ensure the conservatory doors themselves are fitted with a high quality locking system appropriate to the type of door.

Generally most conservatory doors these days will be UPVC, so go for a Euro cylinder lock which is anti-snap and holds a minimum 3-star British Standard rating or Sold Secure Diamond rating. There is plenty advice on how to choose the right locks for your external doors in last month’s post on the subject. If you are opting for bi-fold doors then be sure to read our post on bi-fold door security for tips on how to make these as secure as possible.


Conservatory windows should be fitted with modern high security locking systems such as shoot locks which are very difficult to break and act as an effective deterrent for intruders. Make sure the locks comply with British Standards 6375 and for added peace of mind, ask for force-resistant hinges. If you don’t intend to open certain windows, then have them fitted as non-openers. If your conservatory is already built and there are certain windows you don’t use, consider screwing them shut.


Conservatory roofs are often the most vulnerable aspect of the construction. Ensure yours is fitted with high security toughened glass, which will also boost energy efficiency.

If you have roof vents that open automatically, be aware that these can be prised off by an intruder who could then proceed to climb through. You may wish to consider fitting a grille on the underside of the vents to prevent this from happening.

Security Measures

As we said, you should afford your conservatory the same level of security consideration as the rest of your home. Extend your intruder alarm and CCTV system into the additional space and think about security lighting for the exterior which acts as an effective deterrent for would-be intruders.

You should also consider that a conservatory could well act as a gateway for intruders to access entry points on higher floors, so be sure to keep windows above the conservatory closed and locked during the night and when you leave the property. If you feel you won’t be able to sleep with the windows closed during the warmer months then invest in restrictors which will allow you to keep the windows open to a set distance without risk of being opened further from outside.

In Summary

There are numerous benefits in adding a conservatory to your home. Be sure to follow this security advice and you’ll be able to kick back and make the most of your added living space with complete peace of mind.

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