Security for Bi-Fold Doors: Don’t Let Unwanted Outside Visitors In

If you are considering installing bi-fold doors, perhaps as part of a renovation project or to set off a new extension, you’ll probably be excited about how they promise to ‘bring the outside in’.

If you are considering installing bi-fold doors, perhaps as part of a renovation project or to set off a new extension, you’ll probably be excited about how they promise to ‘bring the outside in’. However, what you don’t want to do is let unwanted outside visitors in! Bi-fold door security should be high on your list of priorities if this type of door is on your wish list. Here’s some advice for you.

Secured by Design

Secured by Design was established in 1989 as an initiative to ‘design out crime’ through physical security and processes. It was based around a group of national police projects that centred on the design and security of new and refurbished homes and business premises together with quality security products and crime prevention projects. Secured by Design aims to create high level security standards in response to crime trends, and sets a range of key standards.

Many of today’s household security related fixtures and fittings, such as doors and windows, conform to Secured by Design standards which have been reviewed by the police. This includes locking mechanisms for bi-fold doors, so if you are seeking to ensure your new contemporary doors are secured from the ground up, then make the demand of your installer that they meet Secured by Design standards.

Locks – and Added Extras

Most bi-fold doors come equipped with a five-lever key cylinder insurance approved locking system, but do check with your installer as to what you’ll be getting and consider upgrading if you are not totally sure you’ll be afforded the best possible protection. The weakest point of a locking system is usually the cylinder, so ensure you are being equipped with one that is snap, pick, drill and bump resistant.

For added peace of mind, ask for anti-lift bars to be fitted both top and bottom, plus large internal locking shoot bolts that lock into the frames by a minimum of an inch, and also deep throw hooks to keep everything together when you are shutting out the world.

Intruder alarms can be fitted to bi-fold doors just as with any type of door, and are a highly recommended security initiative for the ultimate peace of mind.

Framing it

We always say that any door locking mechanism is only as good as the door frame that surrounds it. Bi-fold doors are of course, by their very nature, mostly glass, which is often of great concern to anyone considering installing them. However, the fact is, bi-fold door frames should be engineered using exceptionally high strength material, which means that when they are closed they will, by design, form a robust physical security measure.

This is of course something you should make a point of checking with your installer and whilst you are doing so, ensure the glass you are getting is reinforced and shatterproof. Do ensure the frames are securely fixed to the walls, and seek out an internally glazed system so that the bead and double glazing cannot be removed from the outside.

Additional Advice

Bi-fold doors are required to meet Building Regulations, which means they must be at least double-glazed with toughened or safety glass and must meet certain energy efficiency requirements.

For both security and fire escape purposes, it is a good idea to include an access door where possible so that there is an entrance and exit point available that doesn’t require opening the whole bi-fold system.

If you are in any doubt over the security of your bi-fold doors, whether you have them installed already or are considering having them fitted, you can procure all the specialist advice you need from the experts at Barry Bros Security. Why not give us a call or pay a visit to our London showroom for the tailored guidance you need to secure your peace of mind?

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