Security Solutions for Property Management Companies

If you are in property management then you will know the importance of making sure the building you run will prove to be the perfect property for businesses to settle into long term.

If you are in property management then you will know the importance of making sure the building you run will prove to be the perfect property for businesses to settle into long term.

Premises let out to commercial tenants need to be attractive in many ways, not least when it comes to being secure. That feeling of reassurance goes a long way, and this can readily be gained by looking towards today’s electronic security solutions which will not only help you attract the best tenants, but will also help enhance the value of your property.

Layered Solutions

Commercial premises security is all about layering solutions in order to effectively protect the building itself and its grounds, as well as its assets and of course the tenants who work within. From a property management point of view, anything that eases stress and saves time whilst effectively protecting tenants is going to be an advantage. Automation and remote management are therefore essential.

So what solutions should form part of the layering? Access control is perhaps the most obvious. A building protected from unauthorised access is beneficial to its owners, its tenants and those who manage it. When combined with CCTV and an intruder detection system, access control is of particular benefit to property managers as it delivers a sophisticated method of monitoring and controlling access 24/7 via an internet connection.

Not only does such a system control who gets in and out of a building and allow the operator to disable and enable permissions remotely, it will also trigger CCTV recordings which of course can provide crucial evidence for investigations, prosecutions and insurance claims.

CCTV surveillance with real-time alerts is another solution that is of particular benefit to property management companies. The ability to swiftly deploy or summon assistance as soon as an emergency situation is detected will assist in complying with service level agreements.

Monitored intruder alarms also work perfectly alongside CCTV and remote monitoring, alerting the emergency services should there be an attempted breach.

The Importance of Security Partnerships

Of course, the systems themselves are only a part of a property management security solution. Working alongside an experienced security company whose experts will tailor solutions to suit each individual property in your portfolio will give you the partnership you need to be able to reassure your owners and tenants to the highest degree.

At Barry Bros Security we have been working closely with property management companies for several years, delivering a partnership-based service that is built to support the agreements they have in place with their clients. Having vast experience across a wide variety of industry sectors, we are able to design bespoke programmes for all building types, from administrative hubs requiring robust data protection solutions to industrial sites, retail units and premises housing organisations of a sensitive nature. We are also able to design and implement dynamic lockdown strategies.

Get in touch today for a chat with one of our experts and to arrange a free initial consultation at the premises you are looking to secure.

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