Certain security measures work well on an individual basis, but when combined with others, the resulting multi-layered solution can prove extremely effective.

In this post we’re taking a look at security measures that, when combined with others, can provide a particularly sophisticated level of protection.

Access Control, Intruder Detection & CCTV

CCTV combined with access control and intruder detection produces an advanced method of admission control that can be tracked around the clock using IP technology. Monitor entrance and exit points; decide who gets in and out and trigger recordings either automatically once an intruder is detected, or on-demand.

Motion Detectors & CCTV

Motion detectors send a signal that alerts you or your monitoring centre to a potential threat. Combined with a CCTV system, they can prompt recording as soon as motion is detected so that evidence is available as required.

Security Lighting, Intruder Detection & CCTV

On detecting an intruder, a security lamp automatically floods the area with light and CCTV recording begins. This type of system can also be integrated with an audible intruder alarm as an added deterrent.

CCTV & Fire Alarms

CCTV monitoring can be very effective in catching the early signs of a fire, allowing time to control it before too much damage is done. Once a fire or smoke is detected, alarms can be sounded to initiate evacuation of the building.

Monitored Intruder Alarms, Remote Monitoring & CCTV

This is a very sophisticated blend of security measures. A monitored alarm alerts the police should a break-in or other issue be attempted, whilst the remote monitoring system triggers CCTV on detection of motion, sending images to a tablet or smartphone over the internet.

Motion Detection, Audible Warning Systems & CCTV

Research says that people tend to obey written notices to leave in 7 per cent of cases. However, when there is an audible command, this figure rises to 92 per cent. Combine a motion detection system with CCTV and an audible warning system, and you have something very effective. Imagine an audible warning that says something along the lines of, ‘You are being recorded on video, please leave. The police have been called’: it really is going to be a highly advanced security combination.

If you are considering security measures for your home or commercial premises, give some serious thought to combined solutions. For advice on a tailored system that will bring together measures that are designed to work perfectly together, talk to the experts at Barry Bros Security.