Is Wireless Security a Viable Option for your Business?

If you are considering options for a new or replacement security system for your business, it is likely you will have come across numerous alternatives.

If you are considering options for a new or replacement security system for your business, it is likely you will have come across numerous alternatives. There is plenty of choice, and it can be confusing deciding which would be the most beneficial for your particular set-up and level of risk.

Taking independent advice from a security professional that is unbiased and can provide access to solutions and products from right across the market is essential. Do this, and one of the solutions you will no doubt be presented with is wireless security.

Wireless intruder alarm and CCTV systems are often recommended for modern premises, and on the opposite side of the coin, for older period or timber framed properties. The absence of cabling is the key benefit in these cases, but it’s not the only advantage, and modern and period properties are definitely not the only types of premises that can benefit from wireless security.

Why go Wireless?

In a nutshell, wireless security systems are much quicker and straightforward to install than hard-wired systems. There is no need to channel cabling, remove floorboards or take carpets up. So far so good. But what else is pushing a raft of business owners towards wireless as an alternative to wired systems? And what are the downsides to look out for?

Cost Efficiency

As we’ve mentioned, wireless systems do not call for anywhere near as much installation time or materials as wired systems, making them less expensive. Furthermore, systems that are based on a hosted set-up, i.e. operate via an online network, often require no capital outlay and instead are supplied on a subscription basis. This is particularly beneficial to the smaller or start-up business.


Because of the way wireless security systems work, either through the transmission of radio waves, or in the case of IP CCTV cameras via the internet, there is a good deal of flexibility when it comes to locating cameras and control panels. The only thing you do need to consider is that wireless systems still need a power source, although there are battery powered options if this proves to be an issue.

More flexibility comes in the shape of wireless systems being relocation friendly. If you are planning a move to new premises, it is relatively easy to literally pick up your wireless security system and take it with you. Naturally you’ll need some expert assistance for set-up, but it certainly won’t be long before you are up and running as there is no need for wires and cables to be re-run.


Some of the higher end internet operated CCTV cameras can be controlled remotely, giving you the ability to remotely rotate the camera in order to view a much larger area than you could with a fixed camera. The whole area of IP CCTV is a vast one and warrants its own post. Look out for a dedicated blog next month.

And on the Flip Side?

There are always downsides to every solution and these have to be weighed up at consideration stage. So what are the potential disadvantages of wireless security?

Some wireless systems can be subject to signal interference which can lead to visual or audio feed loss. Internet based systems can be at risk from unauthorised access. There is also the issue of network pressure, with internet based systems having the potential to drain bandwidth.

Again, if there are potential issues, then a security expert will be able to identify these and come up with a workaround. For example, if radio wave interference is likely to be an issue, then they can suggest a system that runs on a narrowband frequency. And if bandwidth saturation might prove to be a problem, there are usually various network solutions that can be put in place.

Seeking Advice on a Commercial Security System?

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