In certain industries such as transportation, telecommunications, education, logistics and warehousing and commercial, healthcare and industrial facilities, it’s common for organisations to have multiple sites distributed across various geographical locations, many of which will be isolated and some will be unmanned.

In these situations, a multi-layered approach to security is crucial and thankfully, with such progressive advancements in technology, it is possible to network bespoke, advanced systems from site to site, with everything reporting back to a central station or operator courtesy of various transmission methods, including IP technology.

The First Layer: Perimeter Protection via Intruder Detection

The first ‘layer’ of security starts at the perimeter with intruder detection, the aim being that intruders are identified and dealt with before they are able to gain entry. It’s important that solutions are tailored to the unique features of each site and that a combination of technologies is employed to optimise intruder detection whilst keeping false alarms to a minimum.

Protecting Against False Alarms

Multi-site security is most effective when a bespoke assembly of initiatives is brought together that will detect, assess and respond to a security threat with the greatest efficiency and the least possible false alarms.

Where environmental factors such as harsh weather conditions or straying wild animals could prove problematic where false alarms are concerned, opting for a sophisticated intruder detection system, such as a highly controllable passive infrared (PIR) detector, is recommended.

There are superior PIR detectors available that are capable of identifying human targets by sensing particular differences in temperature at distances of over 150 metres.

Motion activated CCTV and video transmission will add certainty in situations where outdoor conditions are particularly demanding, and are a good example of how layering security solutions brings great advantages.

A Sophisticated Combination

Video and audio transmitters and recorders are combined with intruder detection systems so that on identifying a trespasser, quality video, image or audio files are transmitted to a remote monitoring centre or mobile handset whereby operators can swiftly decide upon the relevant response.

Intrusion detectors can also be integrated with police response alarms and real time video links. The flexibility and level of these systems means there is vast scope for building a solution that will provide the ultimate safeguard.

For operators of multiple remote sites who wish to go further than just monitoring, having the ability to also listen or communicate with onsite personnel, a central management system can be implemented that controls the many layers of protection and communication, including intruder detection at the very core.

Tailored Solutions for Multi-Site Security

The importance of fully bespoke solutions when it comes to multi-site security cannot be emphasised enough. At Barry Bros Security we conduct comprehensive security surveys of clients’ premises to ensure every potential threat is identified before a fully tailored, multi-layered security solution is compiled. To find out more about how we can help you with multiple site security, and to arrange your free consultation, please get in touch.